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Fearless Marketing In a Radically Virtual World

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How Will You Market Your Professional Services During This Challenging Time? 

For several months, all businesses have experienced the challenges of both running and marketing their businesses. You’ve probably had all or some of these questions:

• How do I continue to operate and market my business during this challenging time?

• Do old marketing strategies work now or do I have to do something completely different?

• What do I do if I’ve always had to show up in person for my clients?

• Can I replace in-person networking and speaking engagements with online networking and Zoom webinars?

• Should I be offering completely different services or simply be repackaging the services I offered before?

• How do I stay fearless, focused, intentional, and resourceful during this challenging time?

Well, things have certainly changed in the past few months! But it doesn’t mean it’s hopeless. There is still a need for your professional services. You just need to make the new reality work for you.

And, yes, you’ll have to do some things differently. But not that differently!

The good news is that self-employed professionals have some distinct advantages. We can operate and market our businesses virtually – from anywhere. With email, websites, Zoom video, and social media we can both serve existing clients and attract new ones.

I’ve been running my marketing coaching business virtually for close to 20 years. I live in Boulder Creek, California at the top of a mountain in a redwood forest. I rarely leave my home office, yet I have clients all over the world in group programs and as individual clients.

And this is something you can do as well. In fact, it’s absolutely essential that you learn how to do this. I’m talking about marketing and delivering high-end professional services such as management consulting, executive coaching, and corporate training to business clients. This is not about marketing products or programs online. That’s a whole different animal. 

In fact, delivering and marketing professional services virtually can be a lot more efficient and effective than delivering and marketing your services in person, through networking and speaking engagements. No travel, no hotel rooms, and no shaking hands with strangers at events. And no face masks required!

I call this approach to marketing professional services Going Radically Virtual

Marketing principles and practices haven’t changed much over the years. You still need to communicate effectively about your services to the right people who can buy what you’re offering. You just need to do all of it virtually – from your home office and in front of a computer.

If you really think of it, how great is that?!

But where do you start to get yourself up and running and make it successful?

Marketing-wise, you need to become proficient at the following:

Developing and communicating powerful, attention-getting marketing messages.

Writing and designing a professional website (usually having it designed).

Creating concise marketing materials such as Executive Summaries, Sales Letters, and Articles.

Producing an email newsletter that keeps you in touch with your network.

But more challenging is reaching out to the marketplace and…

Getting exploratory meetings with people who can hire you or refer you to those who can.

Writing emails that get positive responses and engagement from prospective clients.

Getting interviewed for podcasts and webinars with industry leaders.

Interviewing movers and shakers who can introduce you to the right people.

Connecting on LinkedIn with the right people – and actually getting meetings.

Introducing the “Fearless Marketing in a Radically Virtual World Program”

This is an intensive, 9-month hands-on “Action-Program” designed to teach you the essentials of marketing your business virtually – implementing what you learn, and attracting more of your ideal clients.

This program is for self-employed B2B professionals who want to survive and thrive during the current Coronavirus crisis and economic challenges. Participants will be Consultants, Coaches, Trainers, and other professional service business owners.

You can’t sit back and wait for things to change or improve. Businesses need your professional services now. You need to take action consistently, persistently, and resiliently.

And you want to position yourself as a creative problem solver, someone who is ready to make a difference, someone who is ready to be a leader.

In this program, I emphasize Proactive Marketing, as opposed to Passive Marketing. 

It’s not about using social media, posting a lot of content, and improving the SEO of your website. Those things are fine as long-term strategies. But more important is reaching out and providing value to those in your network, speaking to a lot of people, offering webinars, doing interviews, and sending out value-filled emails.

This is what is working best now to attract new clients. 

What Actually Happens in the Program?

The purpose of the program is to keep your business on track and attracting new clients – even during this crazy time.

I’ll show you step-by-step strategies to grow your business by Going Radically Virtual.

We’ll focus on proven marketing strategies for communicating effectively about your business.

You’ll master simple email messages that get attention, response, and meetings with the right people.

We’ll emphasize conducting virtual meetings and conversations to move your business forward more quickly.

You’ll learn how to do webinars and be interviewed for webinars and podcasts that generate new prospective clients.

You’ll learn how to turn conversations into Strategy Sessions where you’ll explore how you can help prospective clients achieve their objectives.

You’ll learn how to write proposals that sell solutions, not billable hours (and make a lot more money in the process).

You will also work on developing various marketing materials, such as an Executive Summary, Articles, and Sales Letters that are an essential part of the client-attraction process. 

I want to emphasize that this is an Action Group. You’ll learn strategies and plans you can use immediately to get in front of more people who can help your business move forward.

The Structure of the Program

We’ll meet by Zoom video as a group twice a month. 75 to 90 mins. (All sessions will be recorded in case you miss a session.)

√ If you choose the Group + Coaching option, you’ll also meet with me once or twice a month via Zoom Video for hands-on guidance and support.

Length of the program: Nine months (September 2020 through May 2021)

√ Group Session Days: Thursdays, starting September 3 at 12 noon Pacific (1 Mntn, 2 Cntrl, 3 Estrn, 8 UK, 9 EU)

Group size will be from 15 to 20 participants. 

Radically Virtual Assignments after each session to move you into action.

We’ll have Study Materials online with my most effective step-by-step marketing strategies and tools.

Slack Application for weekly reporting, ideas, feedback, resources, and connections.

√ Lots of interaction between group participants for support and idea/resource swapping.

Free Access: To online marketing materials, systems, models and samples

This program contains all the components necessary for you to succeed at the Radically Virtual marketing your business. You will know what to do, how to do it, and get the support to make it happen.

This program will also be a pivotal experience in your business life. It won’t be a program where you got “a few good ideas.” In the program, you’ll shift your mindset and practices about marketing your professional services in a way that will last for the rest of your career.

What Have Participants Said About the Program?

Below are comments from the participants of my last program. I recorded their comments in our final session and transcribed them.

Neal Zimmerman
Marketing and Advertising Consultant

“What I got from the program is that I realized that networking could be a conversational approach and a “how can I help you?” approach. This has allowed me to be more openly creative and feel better about what I can offer people and also feel that I’m not selling anything and don’t have an agenda other than to connect. This has been a real change in the way I’ve approached clients and potential business opportunities.”

Ann Tardy
Mentoring Software and Programs

“I’ve gotten clear about the problems I’m solving and focusing on being of service. And the conversations that I’ve had that have started with that service approach have been far more effective and partnership-based than starting with “here’s my technology, or here’s my program.” In addition, my website, in the languaging and the clarity of what I’m offering is so much better now.”

Morton Patterson
Consultant on Pricing and Value

“In one of our conversations, Robert said, “Take your foot off the brake and see what that would be like.” And this was challenging because it forced me to look at how I was holding myself back. Now, as a consequence of this, I’m writing a Weekly Memo (newsletter) and I’ve dramatically improved all of my marketing materials.”

Harsh Kamani
International Investment Advisor

“The greatest takeaway I got from the program is that the communication I have with my clients is greatly improved (both verbal and written communication). It’s more focused on their problems first and how do I serve them. That new dynamic instantly connects with them and I get greater engagement and I’ve also been getting a lot more meetings with prospective clients.”

Lisa Aldisert
Management Consultant and Coach

“I used to be a very big in-person networker but it had dropped off over the past few years. The program really reactivated that and I started being in touch with many more people, as well as clarifying my services through my written materials. The one-on-one sessions I had with Robert were also very helpful.”

Robert Demaree
Executive Coach 

“The things I really valued in this program, were, first of all, the one-on-one coaching with Robert where he helped me create and finalize my marketing materials. I also loved the 50 Cups of Coffee approach to meeting people. I loved the whole approach of just connecting instead of trying to sell. The group coaching calls were always a great support and I’m getting clearer and more excited about what I’m really offering to my clients.”   

Walter Luger
Real Estate Attorney

“I have grown up as a marketer and a networker in this program. For so many years I’ve resisted anything to do with marketing myself, but finally, things started to click with me.”

Amy Bingham
Sales Consultant to the Staffing Industry

“I was almost embarrassed to sign up for this program, because I train people to sell, and yet, I was stuck from a marketing perspective. But what I wanted more from this program than anything was accountability, for Robert to hold me accountable for doing the things I knew I needed to do. I restarted my Monday newsletter where I share a lot of valuable information and made it more about serving rather than promoting myself. I’m now using empathy and humor in connecting with my clients and learning really how to be of real service. And not only did I learn, but I’m now teaching my clients what I learned from you!”

Al Ritter
Corporate Strategy Consultant

“By using your approach of reaching out to past clients, many responded and three of them engaged me for projects. Even during this challenging time, I’m working with new clients. Robert also helped me realize that during the pandemic, many of my clients need me more than ever.”

Group Session Dates

Sept 3, 17, Oct, 1, 15, Nov 5, 19
Dec 3, 17, Jan 7, 21, Feb 4, 18
March 4, 18, April 8, 22, May 6, 20

Group Options and Pricing

We will have a Group Only Option and two Group Plus Coaching Options.

Group only option: 10 monthly payments of $250 (up to 6 spaces)

Group plus one coaching session per month: 10 monthly payments of $375 (up to 7 spaces)

Group plus two coaching sessions per month: 10 monthly payments of $500 (up to 8 spaces)

A-la carte coaching option: $150 per session (as needed).

All participants will get one complimentary coaching session at the beginning of the program to set your goals and direction for the program.

Conditions and Guarantee

After paying the first payment for the program and attending for the two months, you will be given an opportunity to leave the program if you feel it’s not for you. Then payments for the program will be discontinued. If you choose to continue with the program after the second month, you will be charged monthly for the program. There will no longer be an opportunity to leave except for family or medical emergencies.

Guarantee for the Group + Coaching Program: You will earn a minimum of twice what you invested in the program by the end of the program. If you do not do that, I will provide ongoing individual coaching until you have achieved that. This guarantee only applies to those who opt for one of the group plus individual coaching options.

Is This Program for You?

Only you can know for sure. Does the program contain the ideas and support you need to move your marketing forward in this challenging time? If you think it does, I invite you to apply and have a conversation with me to discover if it’s right for you.

How to Apply

If you think you are interested in participating in this program, please fill out the short application form below. 

I want to make sure you are a fit as we have limited openings.

As soon as I receive your form, I’ll get back to you and set up a time to meet in person via Zoom video to make sure the program is right for you.

If we decide the program is a good fit and you are ready to move forward, you’ll make the first payment and get started.

Please fill out the application form completely. All fields are required. 

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