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The  Marketing Action Group – Spring 2021

Business Finance

Program Administration

Program Dates, Zoom link, Slack Group, Coaching Sessions, Resources, Recordings, and Participants

Program Dates

April 14, 28 – May 12, 26 – June 9, 23

July 14, 28 – Aug 11, 25 – Sept 8, 22

Oct 6, 20 – Nov 3, 17 – Dec 1, 15

Zoom link

All sessions will be conducted by Zoom video at the link below. Please join the session a few minutes before we start.

Slack Group

We’ll be using a Slack Platform to communicate with each other in the group. I have invited you all to join. If you did not get the invite, please let me know.

I will send you an invitation to join Slack. When you get it, login to the Slack Channel.

Individual Coaching Sessions

You will have up to two individual coaching sessions with Robert each month. I recommend you book them well in advance to make sure you can fit them in for the month.

Appointment hours are between 10 am and 5 pm, Tues – Friday. My meeting times are 10. 12, 2, and 4 Pacific time.

Recordings of the Sessions

All the recordings will be posted on this page. Just scroll to the bottom of this page for the latest recording and assignments.


Please submit written assignments via the Slack app. Post to my channel, Robert M. For all documents, please title them with your name and then the topic. I.e., John Jones – Marketing Plan Summary.

To make your documents more readable, I recommend using Open Sans 14pt with 1.3 line spacing. Please do not send me rough drafts. I don’t expect perfection but clean formatting, spell checking, etc. is important. It is very hard to read a poorly formatted, sloppy document. Just sayin’.


Booking App

Stock Photos

Graphic Design 

Grammar and Spelling Correction – – App to correct grammar errors. Works on the web and in Gmail.

Screen Capture App – Jing –

Client Relationship Manager – CRM 

Video for (get a free account with up to 100 email video messages)

Participants – Names and emails. One of your assignments is to have a meeting with everyone in the group.

Bill Shirley <>

Bob McCulloch <>

Chris Ward <>

Dr. Karen Y. Wilson-Starks <>

Ed Petty <>

Hank Epstein <>

Jeanne Gladden <>

Larry Mandelberg <>

Laurel Black <>

Mark Andresky <>

Michael Healey <>

Sandy Schussel <>

Simon Ekin <>

Steven Walker <>

Assignment. Please be in touch with a minimum of two participants per week by phone or Zoom. Have a connection conversation to share ideas, insights, resources, and connections with each one. Do about 30 minutes each way. You’ll do this each week of the program until you have spoken to everyone.

Program Sessions and Assignments

Session number, primary topic, recording link, and assignments for each of the group sessions is posted below. 

Session 1. April 14 – Communicating the Essence of Your Value

Recording of Session 1

What We Do on Coaching Sessions (Six things we do on the one-on-one Coaching Sessions)

1. Intro to the MAG – Topic Overview

Intro to the MAG PDF (For PDFs, click to open a new window, then Files > Save Page As to computer)

2. Your Marketing Message and Ultimate Outcome

Marketing Message PDF

3. Your Executive Summary

Executive Summary Key Ideas PDF

Executive Summary Word.doc (for, right-click and then Save As to your computer)

Assignment for this Session

Send me your most updated Marketing Message

Send me a completely formatted Executive Summary

 - Dilbert by Scott Adams

Session 2. April 28 – Developing a Persuasive Presentation.

Recording of Session 2 –

1. Overview of the Marketing Process

Marketing Process Diagram

2. Presentation Template

Instructions for Developing PowerPoint Presentations

Presentation Template (Use this to develop your presentation)

Robert’s Presentation (Refer to this as a sample presentation)

Assignment for this Session

Complete the first draft of your PowerPoint presentation and send it to me on Slack.

Your presentation actually needs to say something! 

 - Dilbert by Scott Adams

Session 3. May 12 – Your Ultimate Marketing Strategy

Recording of Session 3 –

Your Ultimate Marketing Strategy

Slides for Today’s Presentation

Where are Your Prospects? Chart

Prospects Chart (start filling this out)

A strategy to get what you deserve.

Strategy To Get What You Deserve - Dilbert by Scott Adams

Session 4 – May 26. – The Complete Proactive Experience Marketing Process

Recording of Session 4 –

Document with the Complete Step-by-Step Process

Proactive Experience Marketing

Tracking Prospect Outreach

Tracking Form

Less Annoying CRM – a cheap but simple and effective CRM for tracking prospects. $10 per month. One Month Free Trial.


Complete your presentation to a serviceable, presentable, (not perfect) draft.

Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse!

Continue to add names to your Prospects Chart

Target a few people to present to and write your outreach emails. Send to me for feedback.

Then send them out!

Dilbert Rehearses. Why not you?

 - Dilbert by Scott Adams

Session 5 – June 9. – Presentation and Sales Process Progress

Recording of Session 5 –

Presentation and Sales Process Sheet

Progress Sheet


Take one step at a time to forward your progress of developing your presentation and then reaching out for meetings to get presentations.

Yes, you’re making progress. It just doesn’t feel like it yet!

 - Dilbert by Scott Adams

Session 6 – June 23 – Get More Meetings with Prospective Clients

Recording of Session 5 –

How to Get More Meetings with Prospective Clients

PowerPoint – Get More Meetings

PDF – Get More Meetings, Land More Clients

Well, our approach to selling is a little different

 - Dilbert by Scott Adams

Session 7 – July 14 – 50 Coffees – Meet With More People!

Recording of Session 7 –

50 Coffees Article

Download the article

Prospecting Interview with Steve Kloyda

Download the Interview

Meet and share some ideas. You might be surprised at the reaction. 

 - Dilbert by Scott Adams

Session 8 – July 28 – Getting Your Marketing Unstuck!

Recording of Session 8 –

Mind Made Matrix PowerPoint

MMM Powerpoint

MMM Worksheet

MMM Worksheet

Take the Red Pill – An Article on Getting Unstuck

Take the Red Pill

We all get stuck. Sometimes on the silliest things. 

 - Dilbert by Scott Adams

Session 9 – August 11 – Scripting Your Outreach Calls

Recording of Session 9htttp://

Outreach Calls Scripting

Scripting of Outreach Calls

Just follow this script and you’re guaranteed to close every sale!

 - Dilbert by Scott Adams

Session 10 – August 25 – Refining your Marketing Message

Recording of Session 10 – htttp://

Refining Your Marketing Message

Refining Your Marketing Message Article

Marketing Messages reaction Instructions

Reactions to Marketing Message Instructions

Yeah, this is an ultra powerful marketing message!

 - Dilbert by Scott Adams

Session 11 – September 8 – Where are You Stuck?

Recording of Session 11 – htttp://

Areas of Marketing and Selling

Score yourself on the areas of Marketing and Selling

Articles on Getting Your Marketing Unstuck

Take the Red Pill

Take a Holiday from Your Thoughts

Who Are You Anyway?

And you think you’re stuck? Ha! Your problems are minuscule. 

 - Dilbert by Scott Adams

Session 12 – September 22 – Working with Procrastination

Recording of Session 12 – htttp://

Costs and Payoffs of Procrastination

Costs and Payoffs of Procrastination PowerPoint

The Procrastination Challenge

Procrastination Challenge Worksheet

What’s needed is more creative procrastination!

 - Dilbert by Scott Adams

Session 13 – October 6 – Your Clients’ Three Biggest Challenges

Recording of Session 13 – htttp://

Step-by-Step Selling Template

Selling Template

What is your selling strategy? Not this, I hope!

Make It Hard To Uninstall - Dilbert by Scott Adams

Session 14 – October 20 – Your Services information Page

Recording of Session 14 – htttp://

Marketing and Selling – Tools and Process

Marketing and Selling – Tools and Process

Service Information Page – Instructions

Service Information Page – Instructions

Service Information Page Template

Service Information Page Template

There are processes and then there are systems. But do they lead to productive action?

Inefficiency - Dilbert by Scott Adams

Session 14 – November 3 – Selling Professional Services – The Process

Recording of Session 15 – htttp://

The Professional Selling Process

The Professional Selling Process

If this script doesn’t work for you, try this one instead. 


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