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Marketing With A Fearless Heart

Marketing With A Fearless Heart


A Nine-Month Group Coaching Program for Self-Employed Professionals

Burnell   If you’ve been a self-employed professional for any length of time, you’ve probably put in some serious work to attract new clients.  You’ve done a lot of things. And some have worked better than others. You’ve had some great successes and a few bitter disappointments. You also realize that you’ve been stopped by various fears, resistance and limiting beliefs related to marketing your business. And you’re ready to take the next step, to start marketing your business fearlessly and accomplish some major goals. You’re ready to really swing out there, play a bigger game, and go for what you’ve always wanted. Marketing with a Fearless Heart is an intensive group program designed to give you the information, support, and structure to take your business to a whole new level of success and fulfillment.

The Objectives of this Program

As with all of my programs, the primary intention is to assist the participants in growing their professional service business by applying effective marketing and selling strategies. This means you’ll work on learning, developing, and implementing various marketing plans and strategies to get your name and message in front of more of your ideal clients. But our big focus is on helping you develop, market and sell bigger and higher-value programs and services. And you can succeed in that without a lot more time and effort. We’ll also be putting a lot of attention on what it takes to get past the many fears, resistance, and limiting beliefs related to marketing and selling yourself. This may be the most important part of the program because if you are stuck in limiting fears and beliefs you won’t take the actions necessary to succeed.

When you really get this, things change.


You try things you’ve never tried before.


You risk a little more. Sometimes a lot more.


You play a bigger game, make a bigger difference.


You have more fun. And you win more often. 


Specific Things We’ll Work on

First of all, everyone in the program will be in a somewhat different place. Some will have been in business for 20 years, some for just a few years. But everyone needs to have the marketing fundamentals in place to get the desired results. We’ll work with you on:

1. Developing higher-value services and programs.  You’ll learn how to develop and structure these programs and then create marketing messages that make them attractive and compelling.


2. Writing the necessary marketing materials to effectively promote these high-end services and programs. This includes articles, web content, presentations, emails and more.


3. Developing step-by-step marketing action plans that get your services and programs noticed by the right people, your ideal clients, who have the need and the money to hire you. We focus on the marketing strategies that will work best for your business and situation.


4. Designing a selling (or conversion) strategy that turns prospective clients into paying clients who are ready to work with you and who will pay you well.


5. Discovering a perspective that is aware, centered, and fearless. This is not a state or a mindset but a way of interacting with WHAT IS (including problems, challenges, and fears) creatively, openly, and with a sense of humor and spirit of discovery.

You’ll be working on all of these during the program until you have a complete system in place for attracting more of your ideal clients.

How The Program Works

This is a group program with up to 12 participants. Over the years, in working with hundreds of clients, I’ve discovered that the group format tends to accelerate the process. Working with one’s peers generates more ideas and resources, plus pressure to take action. The program contains these four main components:

1. We’ll meet as a group twice a month via Zoom Videoconference. In these sessions, we’ll explore new ideas, outline strategies and tactics, and discover how to approach marketing fearlessly.


2. I’ll also be working with each of the participants individually once a month (or more, if necessary) to help you refine your plans and strategies and work through any issues that may be holding you back.


3. In addition, we’ll divide the group into four 3-person “action teams” where you’ll hold each other accountable for taking the actions you’ve committed to implementing.


4. Finally, we’ll have a 3-Day Fearless Marketing Retreat in early June in the SF Bay Area where we get together and take things deeper. In this retreat, you’ll take on something big, something that you feel is scary, something that will rock your world.

Marketing with a Fearless Heart is an immersive experience. It will become the dominant thing you’re involved in for 9 months. It’s much more than “learning a thing or two.” It will shift your whole way of doing business for the rest of your career.

Program Resources

All participants will get lifetime access to the More Clients Club courses, interviews, and other resources. You’ll be pointed to materials in the Club to study particular marketing strategies. You’ll also have access to an online application, Coachmetrix, that will enable you to share ideas, resources, and results with the other participants. And it will help me track your progress.

Is This Program for You?

Marketing with a Fearless Heart was designed for self-employed professionals who are offering services to other businesses or business owners. Participants will typically be consultants, coaches, trainers or other service professionals. This program is for people who are ready for a Big Leap. This might be going for a new market, attracting larger clients, offering higher-end services, or getting beyond a recurring limitation that has been holding you back for years. It’s also for those who want to make a difference, a real impact with their clients. It’s for you if you love doing the work you do and want to make a bigger contribution while consistently earning good money. Fearlessness is a big recurring theme in this program. And at the heart of it, this means discovering your authentic, fearless being. It means helping you get out of your comfort zone, and doing things that are both extremely challenging and deeply rewarding.

What results can I expect?

I cannot promise specific results, but below are typical comments from past participants who attended my Marketing Mastery Program. This program is very similar, with even more highly refined strategies to help you succeed.

Sal Sylvester – 512 Solutions: “I Just sold another $32,500 program (that makes 4 concurrent programs right now). Raised my price by $8,000. The next one will be in the $40k range. Revenues expected to be very close to $300K this year, and that will be almost $100k above the previous year (Sal’s revenues are now in the $900K+ range).


Thomas Witt – Sales Training for Furniture Stores: “I didn’t like traveling in my business, so with Robert’s help I found ways for working without traveling much and more than doubling my income at the same time. I now work smart and not as hard.” 


Jim Smith – The Executive Happiness Coach: “I Closed a $48K Culture Change program (a one-year program) a couple months ago… a product I used to sell “piecemeal” and for 1/4 of that price, before I learned how to package it as a Program and articulate the value of it. Thanks for helping me figure out how to do that!”


Sharon Rich – Leadership Incorporated: “It seems like what’s happening for me is that I sell a component of my high-end program, which leads to the sale of other components, which leads to the sale of other components. For example: I sold a coaching program for 2 executives, that has now expanded to 5 execs, and keeps rolling over in 6-month increments. Value of the client so far: about $50K.”


Sue Burnell and Kevin Oubridge – Accelerated Success: “Thanks to your help we doubled the fees for our coaching service to corporations and we received absolutely no pushback. We now charge £8,000 for individual coaching clients and £40,000 for group coaching programs. Since we originally attended the program, our revenues have increased by five times and we expect to earn considerably more in the upcoming year.”


Liz Guthridge – Connect Consulting Group: “Last year, I had one client that I billed in excess of $10,000. This year, I had four clients that I billed in excess of $10,000. (One new client’s billing was close to six figures.) Also, later in the year, I sold a project to a new client for $44,000. The company and I had talked about a $7,500 project earlier last year.”

The program will provide the ideas, materials, systems, structures, and support to point you in the right direction and stay in action.

The Next Step

If you think this program is for you: Please fill out the application form below completely. Once you submit it, you’ll be taken to a new page with the fees for the program and other details. When I get your application, I’ll look it over and get back to you if I have any questions. Then, if you’re ready, we’ll set up a time to talk to see if this program is for you, explore your biggest goals and aspirations, and answer all your questions. Spaces are limited to 12 participants and the program will close for applications in early March. If you are seriously interested, please apply now. I look forward to hearing from you. Cheers, Robert Middleton P.S. Please only fill out this form if you are serious about taking your business to a whole new level.

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