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The thing that your cool clients are challenged with:

“How do I get this very importnat, very specific, and very challenging business result that is very key to my ultimate business success? Very, very.

This professional service or program helps/improves/enhances/tranforms/trasmogrifies this challenging area of your business and produces the results that are real and highly desirable. Keep it crystal clear and highly valuable!!

A punch-line to the above paragraph that brands your service in a very simple way.

Learn how… and then talk about the prime thing(s) they will learn or gain as a result of your service or program. Very clear, but not over the top. Zero hype. No esaggeration. 


Dear Very Cool Client,

Say something about them that acknowledges them for their contribution in their business. (Needs to be general enough to fit for that target client). Then a transition from where they are to what they want at the next level. Mention what is a pain-in the ass to them that they’d like to change or improve (see headline).

This talks a little bit about why this problem is such a challenge is not totally happy with that area.

Emphasize that you don’t have a good answer to this and that it’s a real problem for you. And it’s also really an issue because it’s hard to do certain things well.

What if you could solve the problem of whatever the hell the problem is, and get a powerful result instead? You know a result that really kicked butt and made things work a whole lot better (but don’t overdo it here!)

Our special system/approach/methodology/process etc.  is an ultra-effective approach for getting the result you want, specifically, these (3 to 5) key things.

Our service/program/customized solution, may be the solution you’ve been looking for.


Here are some results we’ve seen from people who have used our program or service.

Name: Result.

Name: Result.

Name: Result.

Name: Result.

Name: Result.

Name: Result.

Name: Result.

Have you ever talked to yourself and said:?

“This sucks.This sucks.This sucks.This sucks.This sucks.This sucks.This sucks.This sucks.This sucks.This sucks.”

“This doesn’t work.This doesn’t work.This doesn’t work.This doesn’t work.This doesn’t work.This doesn’t work.This doesn’t work.This doesn’t work.This doesn’t work.This doesn’t work.”

“This is total crap.This is total crap.This is total crap.This is total crap.This is total crap.This is total crap.This is total crap.This is total crap.”

But what if you knew exactly what to do to get all these important results that you want really, really bad?

Imagine getting this cool thing and that cooler thing and one more coolest thing.

Just stop and think what it would be like when you’re in a results-induced business reverie and see how great things are now.

You’re getting this cool result consistently with less effort.

You’re getting this cooler result and it’s so bitchin.

And you are happy as a friggin clam because you’re getting a result where you couldn’t get it before.

And you are doing the best work ever in your business because the burden on this problem is off your shoulder. Hooray!

This is what it can be like you’ve done what you needed to do to nail this sucker and make it work. 


Once you learn this system/approach/methodology/process, etc. and start applying it to your business challenges, this will turn around and you’ll see this shit show up.

1. You will get this very specific result that you really, really want.

2. You will get this very specific result that you really, reallyreally want.

3. You will get this very specific result that you really, really, really, really want.

4. You will get this very specific result that you really, really, really, really, really, want.

5. You will get this very specific result that you really, really, really, really, really, really want.

If these are the kind of things you want, please keep reading to learn more about this incredibly valuable program or service. 


Over the years of working with thousands of clients, I realized that this was the bbigest-ass problem you had. 

This was one aspect of the problem

This is an even more important part of this problem.  

Our system is designed to address this pain-in-the-butt problem and get the following result.

With our approach, you not only get this great result, you get something that’s even more important. 

As a result, this is the bottom line result you get.

And we’re working with clients now and getting these very cool results. Wouldn’t you also like to get similar results? Of course, dag nabbit!

ABDO Publishing Company


The key to getting these results is besed on these 3 to 5 core ideas. And then name there here in a list:

Results one

Result two

Result three

With this service or program, you will learn or gain the following skills, abilities or assets: list them here. Similar to what you’ve been saying up to this point. Clear, simple, powerful.

The Program focuses on the following model or steps. (Here I’m going to leave in the current text of my letter, just to show how I do it. This is all the main stuff you cover in your program. But, you had better make it clear and beneficial. This could be literally any structure here. So really make it stand out.)

1. Attention-Getting Emails

Instead of waiting for clients to come to you, the ABDO system is proactive. You’ll reach out to prospective clients with attention-getting emails that get a higher response than what almost everyone else is using.

The purpose of these emails is very simple – to get a conversation with a qualified prospect. And that is no small thing!

We’ll be working on three kinds of emails:

Category 1 – To past clients and people you already know

Category 2 – To those in your network or LinkedIn connections

Category 3 – To those you don’t know but are still ideal prospects

I’ll provide email templates and samples plus help you write emails that will get attention and response. You’ll write emails like almost nobody else is using, often incorporating attention-getting humor.

2. Qualifying Conversations

Once you get a response to your emails, you want to set up a time for an initial qualifying conversation. You want to determine if the prospect might be an ideal client for you and then set up a more in-depth selling conversation (Strategy Session).

A conversation like this can last five to fifteen minutes, but it’s a key step in the process of converting a prospect into a paying client. You’ll also avoid the pitfall of trying to sell too early in the process.

3. Persuasive Online Sales Letters

Once you’ve had a qualifying conversation and set up a Strategy Session, you next want to send them a link to an online sales letter about your services or programs.

This sales letter will explain what your services are, how they work and the results you clients should expect. It will be much like this letter you are reading right now.

In the program, we’ll provide templates and samples for your sales letter(s), and give you hands-on help with the writing and editing. We’ll even find web developers who can help you design an attractive sales letter for your website.

The key to a sales letter like this is that it clearly and powerfully communicate the value of your services, look as professional as possible, plus be attention-getting and easy to read.

4. Strategy Sessions That Convert

The final step in the ABDO process is conducting a one-on-one selling conversation that I like to call a “Strategy Session.”

In a Strategy Session, you learn about the goals and aspirations of your prospective client, discover the issues and challenges they have in their business and explain how your professional services can meet their needs.

Again, we’ll provide templates for designing and scripting a Strategy Session appropriate to your situation and then also work with you to practice this session until you feel comfortable you can convert a prospective client into a paying client.


I like to emphasize that the ABDO program is an action program, not an information program. That is, I don’t just give you a lot of information and wish you luck in implementing it.

You can read a book or articles online if you want information. And in many cases, those might be enough. But if you really want to develop skills, it starts with information and then continues with study, practice, testing, feedback, coaching, and support. And that’s why I call this an Action Program.

The ABDO program is conducted over nine months, and 18 group training and coaching sessions held via Zoom video. In addition, you’ll have four individual marketing coaching sessions with me, Robert Middleton. In those sessions, I’ll give you input and feedback on your emails, conversations, sales letters, and Strategy Sessions.

You’ll have access to a complete online program page with all the ABDO templates and systems. Plus we’ll post the recordings of all the sessions, program assignment and a wealth of resources including all the materials in the More Clients Club.

The program is scheduled on Thursdays, starting in August 2019. The time of the sessions will be at 12 noon Pacific (1 pm Mntn, 2 pm Cntrl, 3 pm Estrn, 8 pm UK, 9 pm UK and early morning Friday AU). Check for your actual time.

The starting date for the program will be Thursday, August 8. Here are the dates of all the group session:

Aug 8, 22, Sept 5, 19, Oct 3, 17, 31
Nov 14, Dec 5, 19, Jan 9, 23
Feb 6, 20, Mar 5, 19, April 2, 16

The fee for the program is $375 per month. Participants are asked to make a commitment for the full nine months of the program. It’s not unusual to have to miss a session or two. If that happens, all the program video sessions are recorded.

Geneive Abdo


Yes, I guarantee the ABDO Program.  Most particpants will earn back the program tuition by attracting just one or two new clients. So I guarantee that as a result of applying the ideas in the program, you will attract new business worth a minimum of twice what you invest in the program.

All that I ask is that you attend all the live group sessions, engage in the individual coaching sessions, and also do all of the program assignments. If you do not achive these minimum results, I will work with you individually for an additional 3 months or refund your tuition (we’ll come to an agreement as to what will work best for you). 


This program is for business-to-business services only. It is ideal for management consultants, business coaches, corporate trainers, web developers, business writes and other professionals who offer services or programs to businesses.

So that I’m sure the program is the right fit for you and your business, I ask that you fill out the brief questionnaire below. Please answer all the questions in as much depth as possible. Tell me about your business, your current situation, and marketing.

Once I get your questionnaire, I’ll get back to you and let you know if you’ve been accepted into the program. In some cases, I’ll ask to meet with you to answer any questions you may have and to make sure the program is the right fit for you.


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