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My Not So Brilliant 6-Step Action Plan3 Min Read

My Not So Brilliant 6-Step Action Plan3 min read


The month before the pandemic hit, I was working to fill my next group program. Enrollment was coming along slowly but surely. But then, the s*it hit the proverbial fan.

My plan went up in smoke. The program was half full and I needed to do something different and do it quickly. I pivoted, changed the name of the program, revamped my promotion, adjusted the fees and made major readjustments to the curriculum.

Two weeks later, the program was full and we started on April 8th with a group of excited, motivated participants. 

And, in my spare time, I launched my free Going Radically Virtual webinar program and newsletter. Instead of depleting me, this emergency energized me.

Looking back to a month ago, what I did was what I’ve always done. I applied my “6-step action plan to make stuff happen.” I’ve done this so many times, I hardly had to think about it.

But I thought I’d share it with you. You may want to try it with your own business.

1. Tell the Truth
What is happening right now in your business? Have you lost a number of clients because of the pandemic? What’s your financial situation? How much business do you need to generate, and by when, to stay afloat?

I needed to generate a certain amount of money each month. 

2. Set Your Primary Goal
There’s a lot of things you could do right now, but you need to choose one thing. Is it to get one or two new clients, deliver a virtual program, or stay visible and relevant until the pandemic ends? You may be able to accomplish a few things, but I suggest you focus on one primary goal first.

My primary goal was to fill my group program.

3. Identify Your Network
Who are your clients, past and present? Who are your best connectors and associates? How can you help them and how can they help you with ideas, resources, and connections?

I started to reach out and communicate with my network – massively!

4. Gather Your Resources
What talents, skills, ideas, and creativity can you tap into right now? Which of these are the most valuable and useful right now? Writing, speaking, coaching, consulting, training?

For me, it was writing articles and offering webinars.

5. What is Your Approach?
This the strategy for achieving your goal. And sometimes it takes trying many strategies and a lot of trial and error to find the most effective path to your goal. Brainstorm, research, talk to people, and ultimately, write out all the steps you’ll take. 

My plan was very simple: create one communication at a time offering something of value to those on my list.

6. Go into Action
You now have a plan with a number of steps to take. Take that first step and move something forward. Write that email. Make that call. Develop that document or presentation. Each completed step will take you to the next step.

I went into action and time has gone by like a blur over the past month.

There’s nothing complicated or brilliant about this six-step action plan, but it most definitely works! Give it a shot.

Cheers, Robert


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