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A Skill You May Want to Master

As an Independent professional, I know you want to attract great clients to your business.

But do you have a proven methodology to do that, something you can repeat over and over again that will work to bring in new clients?

For now, I’ll assume that you don’t and that it’s something you’d like to learn, if not master.

Well, as a subscriber, you know I’ve made it my life’s work to figure out exactly how to do that and to help independent professionals succeed at attracting great clients.

And I’ve discovered the following after trying almost everything over the past 38 years:

There are really only two primary skills you need to master to attract great clients.

Skill #1. How to get meetings with qualified prospective clients (mostly by using email).

Skill #2. How to turn those meetings into new clients excited to work with you.

Sounds pretty, easy, right?

Well, it’s not. In fact, it’s pretty damn hard to master those two things.

It sure took me a long time to crack the code.

And there are very, very few independent professionals who are any good at it.

I know; I’ve spoken to thousands of them, people very much like you.

First of all, the first skill might be ten (or a hundred) times harder than the second skill.

Because once you have a meeting with a qualified prospect, converting them into a paying client is relatively easy.

Yes, the second skill needs training and practice, for sure, but if you’re meeting with someone who sincerely wants the results you are offering, then you can master that skill quite quickly.

But that first skill, getting more meetings with qualified, motivated prospects in the first place… exactly how hard is it?

Very, very hard, indeed. To say it was “rocket science” is not an exaggeration.

And most attempts end up like Elon Musk’s last rocket – up in smoke.

So, what does it take to master the skills of getting meetings with prospective clients with emails?

And perhaps more importantly, is this something you’d like to master?

Are you willing to do what’s necessary to become very, very good at getting meetings with qualified prospective clients?

If you are, then you know the huge difference it would make to the long-term success of your business.

But before you can master this skill, there’s something essential you need that I can’t give you.

You need to already be really, really good at what you do.

You need to be a master at helping your clients produce results (in whatever domain you work in).

And if you can’t do that yet, I can’t help you.

As you know, mastery takes years to achieve. And it’s the necessary starting point.

But if you have those skills that are vital to your clients, you can also master getting meetings.

Because one skill builds upon and supports the other.

Next, you need to have a willingness to study, learn, practice, and fail.

Sorry, but that’s what it takes.

First, I’ll teach you my exacting methodology to get meetings with qualified prospective clients through writing a particular kind of email.

Then you’ll make your first best efforts to write some emails to accomplish that.

And your first emails will be pretty much a disaster.

Then I’ll give you feedback and coaching and you’ll try again.

Your next efforts will still be pretty bad.

More feedback, more coaching.

But after a while, you’ll write an email or two that are actually half decent.

Yes, still more feedback, more coaching and encouragement.

And then, finally, you’ll write an email that’s pretty damn good.

And I’ll approve it for testing on real, live people.

That will be the FIRST email you’ll actually send out.

You’ll try this email with several people and see if it works… or not… to get meetings.

Yes, it will take a while. It’s work, but it can also be fun.

Lots of learning, showing you the ropes, and writing, writing, writing is what it takes.

And then a funny thing will happen.

Your emails will start to get you a LOT of meetings with qualified prospects.

And prospective clients will not only want to meet with you, they’ll be excited to meet with you and hope you can help them.

You will finally have mastered this very rare skill.

So, here’s my question for you:

Is it worth exploring if mastering this skill of writing emails that get meetings with lots of qualified prospects is right for you?

If so, write me a short email and tell me the following:

What service do you offer as a self-employed professional?

Who are your ideal clients? (basic demographics and psychographics.)

What result or ultimate outcome can you promise to deliver to your clients?

What are the main things you do currently to attract new clients?

Your biggest fears about learning/using this email writing skill.

Plus give me a link to your website.

Please send me an email with answers to these questions and then we’ll set up a meeting via Zoom to explore if I think I can help you or not.

By the way, I can’t promise a meeting, as it depends on your answer to my questions. But I’ll get back to you right away and let you know.

Cheers, Robert

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