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7 Traits For Marketing Breakthroughs5 Min Read

7 Traits for Marketing Breakthroughs5 min read


If you really think about it, wouldn’t you love to have a marketing breakthrough? 

A breakthrough might start with one good idea or insight that ultimately turned into strategies and plans that, when implemented, attracted lots of your ideal clients and a substantial increase in income. You’d be making more of a difference and you’d be having a great time.

Who wouldn’t want that?

I’ve had a lot of breakthroughs in my business that have led to exactly that, many times over the years. 

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All of these breakthroughs, in the form of marketing activities and programs, have led to several millions in revenue over the last several years, plus making a difference for thousands of people.

The question is how? What did I do, what did I know to produce those results consistently for years on end?

One might guess that I had the right information and that I took action on that information. Some might think the information was more important, and others might say it was mostly about taking action.

But today I want to suggest something else. Although information and action had important roles in those marketing breakthroughs, they were not the most essential things.

A few weeks ago I emphasized that “a little less information and a little more action” as a key formula for success.

I was only half right. 

After all, others may have absorbed as much or more information and taken as much action as I did. I’ve certainly talked to many people where this was the case. It hasn’t been for lack or information or action that they didn’t produce breakthrough results.

Well, could it be that I am more cognizant of certain marketing principles than many others? I doubt this is true either, although it certainly doesn’t hurt to understand certain principles when undertaking a project.

However, there are a whole lot of other people who have ongoing, consistent breakthroughs in their marketing and business (and lives). I know quite a few of them and I’ve studied their approaches, and methods. They also apply certain information and take consistent action.

But is there something else about them that is very different than those who are not having consistent breakthroughs?

Yes, there are! They tend to embody several of the following “Breakthrough Traits.”

The 7 Breakthrough Traits

1. They have a clear vision or direction for where they want to go and what they want to make happen.

2. They have focused intention. They are able to move towards their goals with relatively little struggle or effort.

3. They are completely OK with not knowing. They are open channels for learning and discovery.

4. They are expansive and creative. They see new possibilities and opportunities everywhere.

5. They are relatively fearless, that is, nothing they approach feels inherently risky or dangerous.

6. They are resilient. They bounce back quickly from setbacks and disappointments

7. They live much more in the present, the NOW, than they do the past or the future.

Notice that none of these have much to do with information or taking action. However, they are the natural precursors for absorbing the information they need and taking the action required to produce breakthrough results.

If you can accept these traits at face value, then the next question is obvious: “How do I learn and master these traits?”

The answer to this may seem like a paradox.

Yes, although it does take a certain amount of effort and time to absorb the necessary information and to take the actions required to produce a breakthrough, these traits are timeless; you can’t actually learn them.

You have to have them inside you already. If you don’t already have these traits, your chances for real breakthroughs are slim to none.

That’s the bad news. Here’s the good news: 

Everyone, without exception, already possess these traits. You have all you need, perhaps more than you need! These traits come with the human package called “You.” They are natural to everyone. They do not take time, information and expertise to develop.

The mystery is that although we all have these traits, they are mostly hidden or covered over. We all have them but don’t realize we have them. We simply need to realize that we already have these traits in great abundance.

Clear Vision. What do you really want? What’s important to you? Don’t second guess yourself, go for it. Expand on that vision, get excited about it and you’ll be drawn to it naturally.

Focused Attention. Anytime you’re interested in something, your attention focuses. You just need to remember that this is natural and human. Work at maintaining that focus on what’s most important to you.

Not Knowing. This means being like a child, open to discovery. When we’re young, we know very little and that’s OK with us. It’s only when we’re told that “knowing the right things” is important that we close down.

Expansive and Creative. Our mind is a problem-solving machine that goes to work to figure things out, to make them work. Let your imagination run free. Ask, “What if this was possible?” and see what you come up with.

Relatively Fearless. Again, as a child, we want to try everything, learn everything, play with everything. The only inborn fears are falling and loud noises! Everything else is fair game for discovery.

Live in the Present. There is only now. The past is a memory, the future is a dream. The only time we can accomplish anything is right now, in this moment. Right now, what’s possible for you? It’s usually much greater than you think.

This point is that we already have all of these breakthrough traits. We just need to get out of the way and let them do their magic.

Cheers, Robert


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