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The  Marketing Action Group – Fall 2020

Business Finance

Program Administration

Program Dates, Zoom link, Slack Group, Coaching Sessions, Resources, Recordings, and Participants

Program Dates

Sept 3, 17, Oct 1, 15, Nov 5, 19
Dec 3, 17, Jan 7, 21, Feb 4, 18
Mar 4, 18, April 8, 22, May 6, 20

Zoom link

All sessions will be conducted by Zoom video at the link below. Please join the session a few minutes before we start.

Slack Group

We’ll be using a Slack Platform to communicate with each other in the group. I have invited you all to join. If you did not get the invite, please let me know.

Link to Slack Group – This will be set up soon.

Individual Coaching Sessions

You will have up to two individual coaching sessions with Robert each month. I recommend you book them well in advance to make sure you can fit them in for the month.

Appointment hours are between 10 am and 5 pm, Tues – Friday.

Recordings of the Sessions

All the recordings will be posted online. The links to the recordings will use this format: (the ## will be the number of the session. I.e., 01, 02, etc.)

If you need to miss a session, simply enter the correct URL for that session and you’ll be taken to the video online.


Booking App

Stock Photos

Graphic Design 

Screen Capture App – Jing –

Video App – Loom

Participants – Names and emails. Feel free to be in touch with anyone in the group.

Annette Reissfelder <>,

Bob Moore <>,

Charles Kovess <>,

Charlotte Young <>,

Chris Vasiliadis <>,

Diana Del Bel Belluz <>,

James Katzenberger <>,

Jennifer Leake <>,

Jeremy Grandstaff <>,

Jo Smith <>,

Joe Grant <>,

Maurice Downing <>,

Moti Singh <>,

Stevan Browning <>,

Steve Johnson <>,

Steven Chen <>,

Theo Gilbert-Jamison <>,

Tim Kist <>,

Victoria Lynne Hannu <>

Assignment. Please be in touch with a minimum of two participants per week by phone or Zoom. Read their Preparation Work and have a connection conversation to share ideas, insights, resources, and connections with each one. Do about 30 minutes each way. You’ll do this each week of the program until you have spoken to everyone.

Program Sessions and Assignments

The date, primary topic, and assignment of each of the group sessions is posted below. 

Session 1. Orientation, Marketing Elements, Message/Audio Logo, HEOB, Executive Summary

Recording of Session 1


The Elements of the Marketing Process
Marketing includes many elements. For professional service business marketing, we divide that into 4 main areas:

1. Your Offering or Service. Includes your Marketing Message, your HEOB, your Executive Summary, and your Presentation.

2. Your Proactive Outreach. Includes your Network & List, Connections and Meetings, Presenting Your Service, and Strategy Session.

3. Your Passive Marketing/Relationship Building. Includes Website and LI Profile, Networking and Social Media, Email Newsletter, and Speaking/Webinars.

4. Your Marketing Mindset. Includes the most important mindsets: Confidence, Creativity, Persistence, and Resilience.

The Key Elements Marketing Matrix

1. HEOB Program
An H.E.O.B. Program is a High-End, Outcome Based Program that you can offer to your clients. 

It’s high-end, in other words, relatively expensive. It’s designed to produce a definite Ultimate Outcome that your clients want.

Creating Your HEOB Program

The IKEGAI Model – Are you offering what…. You LOVE, You are GOOD AT, The WORLD NEEDS, and What you can BE PAID FOR.

The IKEGAI Model

Assignment: Create the structure for your HEOB Program.

2. Executive Summary
An Executive Summary is a one- to two-page document that sums up the essence of your services (or your HEOB Progam).
This is something you provide to those in your network, and to prospective clients once they express interest in what you have to offer.

Writing Your Executive Summary

Template of your Executive Summary

Samples of Executive Summaries:

Heart of Business Executive Summary (Suggest you start with this one.)

Jerry Wistrom Executive Summary

Susan Prescott Executive Summary

Maria Granovsky Executive Summary

Alastair Dyrburgh Executive Summary

Kevin McGourty Executive Summary

Philippa Kennealy Executive Summary

Neal Zimmerman Executive Summary

Amy Bingham Executive Summary

Assignment: Write an Executive Summary for your HEOB.

Session 2. Audio Logo. Your Presentation

Recording Session 2.

1. Message – Audio Logo
The Audio Logo is a way to talk about your business when someone asks what you do.
This article is a good overview of that approach.

Here’s an article on the Audio Logo.

Assignment: Create a compelling Message or Audio Logo for your business.

2. Presentation, Slide Deck
A Presentation about your professional services or program (HEOB) is at the very heart of this program. 
With your presentation, you clearly articulate the value of your services or program. 

Template chart for creating a slide presentation.

First draft example of slide presentation.

Assignment: Develop a slide presentation first using the Template and then the first draft in Word. Do NOT use Powerpoint or Keynote for your first draft.


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