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In-the-Moment Conversations (ITMC)

with Robert Middleton

Next Live Session on Wednesday, July 27, 3:30 pm Pacific
(4:30MT, 5:30CT, 6:30ET, 11:30UK, 12:30EU)

What is This ITMC Thingy?

I think many of us don’t have enough meaningful conversations in our lives.

Instead, we consume news and entertainment in vast quantities.

We have a ton of virtual conversations via text, email, and social media.

We listen to podcasts and watch YouTube videos.

But when is the last time you had a deep conversation with others that broadened your horizons, inspired you to explore, and lit a fire in your belly?

Well, In-The-Moment Conversations (ITMC) is a place for that to happen.

What Exactly are In the Moment Conversations?

One-hour group conversations via Zoom each based on One Provocative Question.

ITMCs will be held at various times of the day and week. There is no set schedule, but they will usually be weekly, at minimum.

No reservations. No recordings. No social media. Just show up if you want to join the conversation and explore the question.

The ITMC is for those in my community. Mostly ultra-smart and tuned-in self-employed professionals.

Conversations will be announced via email a day or three ahead and then an hour or so before they start. You’ll get the Zoom link in these email messages.

Topics and Questions

I like to talk about things I’ve been thinking about and struggling with all my life.

And I think other people do as well. But we don’t often get much of a chance to do that.

Questions about happiness, success, contribution, creativity, business, love, and, of course, marketing! The list is endless

So, in my email, I’ll throw out a question and that’s what we’ll talk about on the ITMC Session.

But I don’t want ITMC be all my questions, so you are invited to contribute yours as well.

Post your question here and it will be considered.

Some Ground Rules 

For each ITMC Zoom session there will be “a question put on the table” and that’s what we’ll talk about.

We are interested in your personal thoughts, understanding, philosophies, strategies, and wisdom.

We are not so interested in what you think other people should do or your belief systems. Or your politics. Watch your pontificating.

What do you know for sure? What really works for you? And what are you struggling with or puzzled about?

Lively interactive conversation encouraged. Arguing and bickering discouraged.

Mutual respect, deep listening, and acknowledgment of others is what works.

Laughter mandatory. Wacky humor appreciated. 😜

What is My Role?

My role is to facilitate, question, and provoke laughter.

I will sometimes share my perspective, but not always.

Because it’s my forum, I enforce the rules. Including kicking you out of a session for obnoxious behavior.

Email List

The ITMC will ultimately have an email list separate from my business email list.

If you want to join the list, please fill out this form:



If you know someone who you think would enjoy the ITMC, please direct them to this page and they can add themselves to the list.

Watch your email. Announcements for ITMC can come anytime, day or night!

Again, I’ll announce ITMC sessions the day before and 15 minutes before.

See you at the next ITMC!


Robert Middleton

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