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Intentions, Not Goals Or To-Dos3 Min Read

Intentions, Not Goals or To-Dos3 min read


Do you have goals for your business and your marketing? Do you have a list of to-do items aligned with those goals?

If so, great, but today I’d like you to think about intentions. An intention is defined as “an aim or a plan.”

And intentions are more directional than goals. A goal is a very specific thing you want to accomplish.

Goal: My goal is to attract three new clients in the next two months.

Intention: My aim is to become masterful at attracting great clients.

I think it’s useful to have both intentions and goals, but I’ve noticed that very few people actually articulate intentions.

Maybe because intentions seem less specific or tangible.

If your aim is to be masterful at attracting great clients, then this intention is never completely fulfilled.

Mastery never ends, it continues forever.

Intentions are more about being than doing or having.

And, as a result, real, deeply held intentions are more powerful.

Of course, you can have intentions in any and all areas of your life.

And if you keep those intentions alive, you will tend to have a more full and fulfilling life.

The magic of intentions is that they propel you towards your goals and into action.

But how do you come up with intentions that will move you forward?

Well, I suggest, you simply think about what you really want in your life and business and then write down your intentions.

Intentions for your business and marketing.

Intentions for your relationship and family.

Intentions for growth, well-being, and learning.

This is something I did a LOT in the early years of my business. I got very clear what was important to me and I really went for it.

When you’re self-employed, intentions may be even more important.

After all, you’re not inside the pre-organized structure of a business that tends to pull you forward.

No, it’s just you, your talents, ideas, and intentions.

The thing is, self-employment is more competitive than ever, with more than 42 million self-employed workers in the U.S.

That’s a full third of the total workforce!

So, to be competitive, I’d recommend ramping up your intentions!

Who are the ideal clients you want to work with?

What service or program can you offer that makes a real difference?

How do you want to stand out in a crowded field of look-alikes?

This may be the most important idea about intentions:

You really don’t need to worry about know HOW you are going to realize your intentions.

Creating intentions tends to turn on an internal switch that leads you naturally to the hows you’ll need to realize them.

And stop focusing your attention on all the reasons why you can’t realize your intentions.

There will always be a million reasons. And, I guarantee they will always be very reasonable!

Instead, create an intention to come up with great intentions! And I promise they will start popping into your head.

Strong and clear intentions can move mountains.

So, what are your intentions?

I recommend you take a few minutes today and write them down in a place where you can review them regularly until they become real, magnetic, and compelling. (i.e., your bathroom mirror)

Cheers, Robert


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