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Imagination Is Actually Magic. Seriously.3 Min Read

Imagination is Actually Magic. Seriously.3 min read


What would be real magic?

Making something instantly appear out of nowhere.

Or disappear.

And we know, according to proven scientific principles, we cannot transcend the physical laws of the universe. We can’t turn the moon into the sun with a wave of a wand and a spell.

But we actually can. We can do exactly that in a certain reality.

And that’s the reality of IMAGINATION.

Yes, we can turn the moon into the sun in our imagination. Instantly. Didn’t you just do it?

More practically, we can imagine an endless number of things and make them real.

And 100% of humans have minds with imagination.

Imagination is what creates every single thing. And you have the magical power of imagination.

It simply starts with a creative seizure (or perhaps spasm). It just pops into your mind from who-knows-where.

“Wow, wouldn’t it be cool if I could do that?!”

That’s your creative imagination. That’s magic.

But something is missing when it comes to imagination.

And that’s the willingness to think up wacky ideas that just might work if you gave them half a chance.

Very few of us are comfortable about unleashing our imaginations.

Why do we stifle our imaginations?

Because, in our minds, imagination and creativity are not safe outside our comfort zones.

We’re scared, hesitant, and timid about our creative ideas.

If we come up with something different or original, we think people might think we’re foolish.

No, we want to be seen as smart. So we rarely share our creative ideas until we’ve perfected them. And it’s even rarer to actually put them into action.

Of course, we’re also afraid of failing. But the worst that will happen is you don’t get what you want. But that’s already happening!

Most of us don’t empower our imaginations. We don’t allow ideas to take root, let alone share them or try them out.

What is a creative idea you’ve been nurturing but are afraid to give it a shot?

If you have one, take it and try the following:

1. Write it down. Get it out of your head. As soon as you do that it becomes clearer, more real. Think about what you want to accomplish and articulate it as simply as possible.

2. Break it down. Every idea has many component parts. According to scientific research, at least 27 (kidding). But what I do is open a document and just start brainstorming all the steps it might take to make this idea real.

3. Get it organized. Take all your ideas and put them into a step-by-step plan. What needs to be first, second, etc.? And plan it all the way to the end – a little like how thieves plan a bank heist in a movie. Map it out and visualize every move.

4. Take stock of your resources. Every plan takes time, money, and sometimes other people. What will your plan take? Again, look at everything you might need for success.

5. Get some input. This is the trickiest one, because you don’t want someone to rain on your parade. Try to find a supportive, creative person who will listen and offer ideas.

6. Start taking steps. If you’re excited about your idea, going into action will just happen. The thinking and planning has put your mind into motion. Suddenly you find yourself effortlessly taking steps towards your goal.

In fact, you don’t need to follow the above order at all. Those are just suggestions. Don’t worry about doing it perfectly. Just let the idea take you and see what happens.

An imagination is a terrible thing to waste.

Your imagination is fully functional and ready to take you where you want to go. Let it run wild and then harness its magical power to create whatever you want.

Cheers, Robert


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