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How Will You Move Forward?3 Min Read

How Will You Move Forward?3 min read


Are you wondering where you should put your business and marketing focus right now? What should I send to my network? How can I be of service? Where should I be putting my attention?”

This quote came through my email today from Marketing Week Columnist, Mark Ritson, and I thought it was appropriate:

“The world does not need our support or our concern. Your companies do not need a communication campaign about how much you care about the state of the world.

“They need us to do our job. To develop products and services that reflect the strange new challenges of the Covid summer ahead. To distribute them in a way that enables everyone in the market to benefit from them. And to price them in a manner that maximizes availability and profitability at the same time.” – Mark Ritson

Sounds pretty cold in a way, doesn’t it? Perhaps, but it’s definitely realistic. Ultimately, we are in business to deliver value to our clients, and do it in a way that’s fitting for the unique circumstances we are all experiencing.

I get a ton of emails every day with very heartfelt and supportive ideas regarding how to deal with the pandemic. But it’s getting old already, isn’t it?

I think it’s time to look towards the future and ask ourselves how we are going to survive and thrive in our businesses right now and be prepared to deliver the services that are wanted and needed as we come out of the pandemic.

Here are a few things I’m already doing or planning for my business. Feel free to borrow whatever feels useful to you.

Rethink my Group Program: I now offer my 9-month group program time twice a year in April and September. The format works, but I’ll be researching ideas for what content and support is most needed right now.

Continue with Free Webinars: I’m giving away my best ideas and strategies for making connections with prospective clients and going Radically Virtual in our businesses. This also helps me be proactive in developing new and effective strategies.

Create a Survey: I don’t ask those in my network enough about what they are looking for and what they feel they need the most right now. Time to change that with a survey or two. Stay posted!

Mastermind Group: I realized this past week that I have relationships with a whole lot of very powerful and successful independent professionals – many of them my past clients. I’ll be in touch with them soon to explore creating a mastermind group to brainstorm ideas and provide support, resources and connections to each other.

Reading and Research: My list of business books is piling up on my Kindle app! The pull of news has been way too strong, and by the end of the day, I’m exhausted. Time to shift my attention to ideas that can help both me and my clients.

More Conversations with my Network: This has been the single most powerful thing I’ve done in years. I’m offering both ideas and support but also getting the same in return. It energizes and empowers me. 

So, what are you going to do to move your business forward right now? I’d like to know. Please reply in the comments section below.

Cheers, Robert


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