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How To Write About Your Services3 Min Read

How to Write About Your Services3 min read


When it comes to writing about your professional services, there’s a good chance you don’t know what exactly to write about and how to structure your writing.

Essentially, what you write should answer 10 key questions a prospective client has about how you can help them.

Your written materials will be most effective if it answers those questions as clearly and as concisely as possible.

The exact content of your materials depends on you and your service, your industry, and your potential clients. So, your materials will be unique to you. But they will always answer those questions.

Here’s the sequence of questions that I’ve found to be the most effective.

1. Do you work with people/businesses like me and do you understand who I am and what my concerns are?

2. Do you understand my key business challenges? Do you know the difficulties I am facing and have you worked with other clients facing similar issues?

3. What are the three to five outcome-oriented practices or approaches you use to produce the results you get for your clients?

4. What can I expect to gain from working with you? Bottom line, how will you make things better for me?

5. How do you work with your clients? What is your general approach and what is the process or system you employ?

6. Why does your approach work? What is the core idea or principle that makes your service or program effective?

7. What situation or struggle does your service or program help me avoid and what advantage or expertise will I gain?

8. How is your program or service different or unique and how does that increase my chances of success?

9. What is your program or service not? I’ve tried a lot of different things that promised results that didn’t work. How is your approach unlike those approaches?

10. What are the next steps to learn more if this service or program is for me? (I.e. How to contact you.)

11. Then end with a response form for the prospective client to share about their situation, challenges, and intentions.

Example of this format

Here is a link to the primary service/program of Action Plan Marketing that follows this sequence and answers those questions.

Your materials won’t use the same wording or even the same design, but you can emulate the general sense of the content for your own information about your services or programs.

Note, that I include a video at the top of my page, which can be helpful but is not absolutely essential.

Write your materials as if you were talking to someone one-to-one directly, answering each of these questions as simply and as clearly as possible.

Yes, you want to put your services or programs in the best possible light. But you don’t need to use hyperbole, jargon, exaggeration, or over-the-top language to accomplish this.

Remember, you are offering highly credible professional services or programs to business people who are looking for real results and want to hire someone who is experienced, and professional.

You want your information to “reek with credibility.” Everything you say needs to show you understand who they are, what they are going through and how you can help them get the results they want.

Note that I do not include any background on myself, my education or training. I have that in other parts of my website. This information is not about me, it’s about the prospective client’s needs and it answers the questions that relate to them and their needs.

I hope your find this format of answering the key questions your prospective clients have to be both useful and effective in your business!

Cheers, Robert

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