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How To Get Your Articles To Millions Of Readers4 Min Read

How to Get Your Articles to Millions of Readers4 min read


A couple weeks ago I did an interview with an independent professional that just might rock your marketing world.

Her name is Teresa Riccobuono and she’s a business consultant and coach for financial advisors.

When she explained one of her marketing strategies, I thought, “Wow, you really cracked the code on this!”

It’s very simple: Whenever she writes a newsletter article, she offers something free that people can request from her and that she can send back via email.

For instance, if she writes about a certain process that financial advisors can use to organize their client follow-ups, she’ll offer something like a step-by-step checklist or form.

And she discovered that those who respond are the best candidates for her consulting services. Simple, but powerful.

Like Teresa, I’m going to offer you something free at the end of this article, so stay tuned.

The other thing she shared was how she got mass distribution of her articles. This is something that most self-employed professionals would love to do but don’t know how.

As you probably know, it can take a long time to build an email list. It can take years, and even then you may only succeed at getting a few thousand.

Why? Because these days everyone and his cousin is offering an email newsletter on their site and asking you to opt-in.

I built a very big list from 1997 to about 2003. But I was lucky and in the right place at the right time with something a lot of people wanted – ideas on how to attract clients.

I built a list of 50,000 subscribers and went on to grow a very successful business by offering programs and services to those subscribers (like you, for instance)!

But I never taught anyone my list-building approach for one simple reason: It was extremely difficult to duplicate!

But Teresa and a whole lot of other professionals have discovered a completely different way of getting their message out to lots and lots of prospective clients.

What if you could tap into a half-million person list?

Well, that’s exactly what Theresa did.

She received a regular email newsletter that went out to people in the financial industry. It contained a number of articles from various other professionals.

And then one day she asked herself, “Why not me?”

So she wrote a simple email to the publisher asking if they might be interested in some of her articles.

And to make a long story short, she was accepted by the publication, has now published about forty articles with them over a few years and has gained a number of new clients as a result.

Why couldn’t you do this as well? Here’s what you need to do in a nutshell:

1. First of all, make sure you know your audience and industry

2. Be confident that you can write some valuable articles that address the needs of that industry.

3. Do a search for publications and then approach them, seeing if they might be interested.

4. Write and submit your articles (remembering to make a free offer for something valuable at the end.)

5. Contact those that respond to you and explore if you can help them or not.

Now, the hardest part of this may be finding where to publish.

But not anymore!

I’ve done a little footwork for you and have a few sources for online publications that are always looking for authors, and most of them give you specific details on how to approach them.

There is some overlap in these articles, but combined, they are your entry key to every major online business publisher.

1. Top 25 Places to Publish Your Articles

2. Become a Contributor to Forbes (and 8 Other Authority Sites)

3. How to Get Published at These Top Business Sites

4. How to Write for Top Tier Publications

Now, depending on your industry, you might have to do your own research to find the right publication, but remember that all you need are one or two.

And instead of sending out articles to a few hundred or a few thousand people, you could start reaching hundreds of thousands.

Imagine what that could do for your business!

This article from the Content Marketing Institute gives a more in-depth, blow-by-blow action plan to getting published on top sites:

How to Get Guest Post Published on Top Sites

Would you like to hear more about how to make this work for you?

Great! Then I’d like to send you a portion of the actual video interview I did with Teresa.

In the interview, Teresa explains exactly how she approached that financial newsletter and got an audience of half a million people.

All you need to do is go to this page and get the video interview online.

(See what I did there?)

Hope you enjoy it and that it will be both valuable and inspiring.

Above all, I hope this article will propel you into action; it contains everything you need to become a widely read online author.

Cheers, Robert


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