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How To Discover Your Genius2 Min Read

How to Discover Your Genius2 min read


We’ve all been duped about genius.

We see the genius as a brilliant intellectual who comes up with ground-breaking ideas and discoveries.

We think of Leonardo, Einstein, Goodall, Hawkins, Jobs, and Musk.

Most of us can’t imagine ourselves being in the company of such people.

While it’s true that all geniuses are smart people, but we believe that genius is innate, something they were born with.

That is absolutely false.

A genius is someone who applies their smarts to discover new things, write groundbreakings books, invent new products and produce great works of art.

Smarts and talent are totally over-rated. They lead to genius only with hard work and application.

A genius is someone who goes beyond dogma, fears, and convention to come up with a whole new way of seeing something or making something work.

Anyone with reasonable intelligence, a burning interest or passion for something, and a willingness to go beyond their comfort zone, can become a genius.

You for instance.

You are actually built for genius. You are built for greatness.

The only enemy of genius is fear.

Fear that others will disapprove of you, that you’ll be rejected, that you’ll do it wrong, that you’re not good enough, that you won’t be perfect.

Many people realize, at some point in their lives, that fear is the only real obstacle to their genius. When they break out of that self-imposed comfort zone they discover their real genius.

Are you ready to be a genius?

1. Connect with your vision of creating something truly great in your life.

2. Work relentlessly to dispel the hypnotic trance of fear that’s holding you back.

3. Have fun doing what you love to do with the commitment to fearlessly doing the very best you possibly can.

Cheers, Robert

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