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How To Create Marketing Momentum4 Min Read

How to Create Marketing Momentum4 min read


In a teleclass program last week someone asked me how I create momentum in my marketing. 

That’s a good question because a lot of success depends on momentum. Momentum is defined as: “The impetus gained by a moving object.”

And the object that is moving is YOU! As you work on something, the energy and power tends to increase to your full capacity if it’s not stopped for some reason. We’ll talk about the stuff that stops the momentum later, but first let’s explore momentum itself.

I – Momentum Starts With a Good Idea

Bad ideas, unworkable ideas, ideas that are currently beyond your experience and capacity, and stuck ideas or beliefs prevent momentum from even getting off the ground.

So you need a good idea that you are passionate and excited about. You need to see some possibility in this idea – an idea for launching a program, building something creative, making a difference, etc.

So start thinking! What is it you want to create? What is your driving purpose, aim, and goal? In my experience, having your big idea be about making money doesn’t work well for most people. Money is an important element of most projects, but it shouldn’t be a prime mover.

OK, now once you have a clear idea and direction, what’s next?

II – Create A Plan

This is something architects, movie directors and entrepreneurs really understand. Now that you have an idea, a direction and an idea of an ultimate outcome, you need to add the structure of a plan to take it beyond the idea stage.

A plan includes the following elements:

1. A written description of the idea, the purpose and what you want things to look like when you’re done.

2. A list of the big steps that need to be accomplished to move forward, such as getting the money together, hiring people, putting together the details for stage 1, stage 2 and stage 3, etc.

3. Finalizing the details and the step-by-step actions, and then launching.

Many people get stopped at this stage because they don’t know exactly what to do or how to do it. That takes us to…

III – Research and Study

With a complex project you’ve never done before, you need to find both the know-how and develop the necessary skills and/or people to implement those skills.

Every big step of the project will usually take many steps, from dozens to thousands. If you’re launching a particular service or program, it’s relatively easy. You can research and gain the skills for some steps, but you may need outside expertise such as writing and design skills.

Once you have your information and skills in place, the momentum starts to build and transitions to…

IV – Massive Action

This is where you gear-up and start working with a certain amount of intensity. You follow your basic plan and work on one-step at a time. This is where the rubber meets the road. And it’s just a matter of continuing the momentum, completing one-step at a time until you’re complete.

The work takes on a certain momentum of its own at this stage, but how do you keep the momentum going and avoid getting stuck? What do you need for that?

V – A Community of Support

Yes, you can do everything by yourself, but it really doesn’t make sense does it? You can find many competent professionals on elance such as web design, writing and editing, and technical skills. Doing everything yourself is a false economy and also slows down your momentum.

But support should go beyond that. Join a mastermind group, hire a coach, get alignment with your family and friends. And be supportable. I’m always asking for opinions and feedback and getting “reality checks” from those in my network.

VI – Getting Unstuck

Stuckness can stop you in your tracks for an endless number of reasons, from being resistant and afraid to just plain doubt and uncertainty. I’ve talked enough about stuckness in the eZine that I won’t cover the details here.

But it’s important to realize that everyone, even you, gets stuck once in awhile (and sometimes often). And stuckness can derail a project quickly. Just a thought, a trigger from the outside or a circumstance can reactivate old fears and resistance. So, discover your own path to unstuckness. And you can always try the Unstuck Process:

Well that’s it, a simple formula for creating momentum

It’s a simple approach, but not necessarily an easy one. It takes focus, intention, a plan and hard work. It takes getting past external and internal obstacles. Perhaps, most of all, it takes clarity about where you’re going and why.

People who have mastered how to maintain momentum are virtually unstoppable. 

Cheers, Robert


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