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Got Marketing Discipline? Sorry, It Doesn’t Work!4 Min Read

Got Marketing Discipline? Sorry, it doesn’t work!4 min read


When you struggle with your marketing, you know how it goes:

You think about things over and over and can’t decide what you should do. It’s agonizing. Finally, you set your mind on getting a project done, writing that letter or setting up some speaking engagements.

You know action is important, so you decide to apply discipline to your marketing efforts. You buckle down, create plans and lists. You get focused and get to work.

And if the marketing project is important enough, you’ll probably get it done sooner or later with great effort and struggle.

So, on the surface, discipline seems to work… but does it really? Yes, stuff gets done, but do you really want to approach marketing as if you were at boot camp? Every word you write is like a push-up, every call you make, a chin-up.

Discipline may work for awhile, but it’s not going to last long.

People look at my marketing, my website, my programs, my weekly eZine and think I must have a lot of discipline. And they say, “I could never have that much discipline. It just isn’t worth all the effort.”

Well, guess what? Discipline doesn’t drive me.

Sure, when I’ve committed to doing something, I work hard at getting it done. But it’s never really a struggle, a chore or a slog.

I don’t apply discipline; I employ passion and devotion instead.

Passion and devotion can fuel a lot of powerful work – work that is fun and energizing and that produces amazing, beyond-the-expected results.

This past Saturday I realized our kitchen needed some cleaning and organizing. And as I have a devotion to order and beauty, I worked my ass off for six hours making our kitchen awesome. It kind of blew my wife away when she saw it later that day.

I didn’t feel tired after my kitchen blitz; I felt energized and fulfilled. No discipline was required. And note that I didn’t say I’m passionate and devoted to “cleaning and organizing” but to “order and beauty.” That’s the key.

In your business, your devotion and passion may be about making a real difference to your clients. It could be about creating something of real beauty or lasting value. It may be the joy of supporting someone who’s confused or sad, or the delight in helping a client dress impeccably or increase their retirement savings.

Ask yourself what you are devoted to. Ask what you are passionate about. And then ask what vision you want to make real in your business. That will ultimately dissolve your struggle with marketing, making it flow with ease.

You already know what you’re authentically devoted to and passionate about.

When you are committed to living that passion and devotion, creative and innovative possibilities open up to you – including great marketing ideas. Inspired plans that once seemed impossible, evolve from a simple idea or random association. That isn’t hard work; it’s a total blast.

Allow this devotion and passion to infuse your business, marketing and life.

Tap into that and you’ll get naturally excited about your writing, your speaking, and whatever else it takes to communicate to your community about what you are up to, what you’re devoted and passionate about.

What’s the alternative? If your work is not infused with passion and devotion, you’re simply doing hard time. You’re waiting for retirement or to hit it big in the lottery. You’re living in fantasy land, not reality land.

It’s time to get real. Declare what you’re already devoted and passionate about, feel it deeply and move into action, not with the burden of discipline but with juicy, yummy, authentic enthusiasm.

What are you devoted and passionate about? How are you going to make it real in your business? Please pass this eZine on to a friend, and tell them what you’re up to.

Cheers, Robert

P.S. Thanks to Kiran for the ideas that inspired this article.


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