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Getting Out There!3 Min Read

Getting Out There!3 min read


This little weekly newsletter is 25 years old this summer, and I’m making a few changes.

First the name.

The first name of the newsletter was The Marketing Flash. That lasted a couple of years and then I thought it was a little too generic.

So, I renamed it More Clients – the result I helped my clients get. And that name lasted many, many years. More than 15, I think.

Then, after some catalytic inspiration a few years ago, I renamed it The Fearless Marketer.

The thing is, as a self-employed professional, I know you don’t even like the idea of marketing, do you? And fearless, well, that might be taking it a little too far!

But recently, my focus has shifted once again. When it comes right down to it, attracting new clients is a function of one thing and one thing only:

Getting Out There

When it comes to attracting clients, it’s really the only thing that works consistently.

And, as I usually do, I Googled those words and got this:

“Getting out there” means to put yourself in the public, be adventurous, get out of your comfort zone, try new things, and be a little crazy.”

Yeah, that fits!

And then I found a list of 50 inspirational quotes on the topic in Inc. Magazine. Did any fit? Yes! This one nailed it for me:

“We generate fears while we sit. We overcome them by action.”
– Dr. Henry Link

Exactly! And getting out there is the ultimate action for making connections, meeting people, developing relationships, and making stuff happen.

Let me tell you a little story.

I collect music. A lot of music. Mostly jazz. So, I’m always looking for new stuff.

And in 2015 I discovered a band online that blew my mind – Ghost Rhythms.

Their music is a combination of jazz, progressive rock, folk, and classical. They are so unique that they are really their own music genre.

Ghost Rhythms music is intensely rhythmic and melodic. And when I play one of their albums, I am transported into a dazzling world of color, excitement, and joy that makes my pulse race. (Listening as I write this!)

Check ‘em out here on Bandcamp (you can listen to full albums for free). And here. And here.

Anyway, I’ve been sending them encouraging messages by email over the years expressing my admiration.

And last week, the leader got back to me with a long email telling me of their journey and their struggles to make it as full-time musicians.

So, I wrote back this morning and offered myself as a “Getting Out There Coach.”

Look, I really know very little about the music business. But I know a whole lot about getting out there.

I told him: “Reach out to more people who can help you, who can connect you, who can hire you. This is the path. The only other path is luck. But the more you reach out, the more luck you get.”

We would all love to be discovered. We would be thrilled if we could “go viral.” We all want fame and fortune.

But let’s get real, OK?

We all really know that getting out there is the key.

It’s where new possibilities sprout, it’s where deep relationships take root, it’s how brilliant ideas are ignited.

So, if you want your business to thrive, Get Out There!

And in the coming months and years and I’ll be sharing more specific ideas and stories about how you can do exactly that.

Cheers, Robert


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