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Ready For Your Marketing To Be Exciting?3 Min Read

Ready for Your Marketing to be Exciting?3 min read


Last week I wrote about how many of the processes of marketing can be boring. And when you can accept the boring tasks for what they are – and just get them done – you can produce some very good results.

However, there are certain aspects of marketing that I personally find very exciting.

They all have to do with self-expression: Writing, speaking and talking to prospects.

These are exciting to me because they all require focus, thinking, creativity and a demand to be present, in-the-moment.

Every time I sit down to write my weekly article I never quite know what I’ll write about. It’s like jumping into a chasm. Where will I land? Will it be any good? Will it inspire my readers to take action?

How can that be boring?

But with excitement comes uncertainty, fear, dread. 

Self-expression demands a certain degree of risk, a letting go, a possibility of failure. What if you write something that people ignore or ridicule? What if you bore the audience when you give a presentation? What if you sound stupid when talking to someone about your services?

Personally, I’m scared of a number of things. If an activity has the chance of hurting me physically, I avoid it completely.

You won’t see me mountain biking, parachuting or bungee jumping!

People who do those physically risky things tell of how they feel the most alive when they are on the edge, adrenaline pumping, flying down a muddy pathway on their mountain bike, dodging trees and small animals.

But those same people might quake in their boots when they think of standing on a stage to deliver a talk to a large audience or following up with a prospect to get an appointment.

The paradox is obvious. The most fun and exciting things that you can do in your marketing (and that will return the best long-term results) are those things you avoid like the plague.

So let me ask you a few pithy questions:

What’s the worst thing that could happen if you did more writing, speaking and talking to prospects?

If you wrote an article or blog post, is it likely someone would spread it all over social media saying how moronic it was?

If you gave a presentation would everybody stand up and boo, throwing tomatoes at you?

If you followed up with someone from a networking event, would they send out a hit man to take you out?

Get real. None of this would ever happen. When we disasterize about things like this we are not present in the moment. We are inside our minds manufacturing pictures of failure and rejection.

Is any of that real? 

Look, I’ve known a lot of people who have been seriously injured doing risky physical activities, but I have yet to see anyone in my 31+ years of business even slightly damage themselves by writing, speaking or talking to prospects.

It never happens. In fact, engaging in all of these so-called risky marketing activities usually ends up being fun, even exhilarating – not to mention effective.

“When I followed up with participants who had attended my talks, I was afraid I’d be rejected. The opposite was the case; they were friendly and open, willing to meet and talk with me.” – Ross Blake (a current client)

Ready for excitement? Write. Speak. Interact.

Cheers, Robert

P.S. If you resist putting yourself out there, afraid of what might happen if you express yourself, you probably have friends who are experiencing exactly the same thing. Please pass on this article to them. They’ll appreciate it.


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