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Make A Difference Before You Make A Profit3 Min Read

Make a Difference Before You Make a Profit3 min read


This article is the seventh and final in an eight-article series on the Seven Laws of attracting Clients. See the first article at this link.

My seventh law of attracting clients states that “you must make a difference.”

One day, many years ago, I was introduced to an interesting product called “Health Soles.” These were gel-filled shoe inserts, designed to ease tired feet.

I bought a pair and really liked how they felt. The person who introduced them to me had started a business distributing them and asked me if I’d like to help him sell them.

I saw dollar signs! These things were great! I’d be rich!

Several months later, after many attempts of selling at natural products expos, I was broke. The dream of riches was dashed, once again. Yes, this wasn’t the first time I’d chased dollar signs.

This business lesson was one of the most valuable I’ve learned.

Over the course of my career as a self-employed person, I’ve come up with a lot of ideas to make money.

But when making money was the prime focus, that idea always seemed to flop.

However, when making a difference was my prime mover and making money was the secondary consideration, I was almost always successful.

When I create a new program or service, I ask myself, “How can I make this the most valuable program possible? How will this service help the most people?”

And then I work at how to make it viable and profitable.

I’ve developed several programs and services over the past 33 years that have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars each.

Here are a few of the things I’ve done to increase the chances that each service made a real difference.

1. I write the sales letter first before developing the actual program/service. This way, I think through all the benefits, features and structure of a particular service, with an eye on making a difference by providing a ton of value.

2. I add bonuses and extras to each service. For instance, with my individual marketing coaching, I offer a free lifetime membership in the More Clients Club. This makes it easy to point clients to various marketing instructions and resources.

3. I include support systems and forums. When I offered the InfoGuru Marketing Manual, I added an interactive forum that was very active for several years. This built loyalty and referrals and made people return to the manual to get even more value.

4. Make things fun by building relationships. With the interactive nature of Zoom videoconferencing, the people in my Marketing Action Group get to know each other better and enjoy getting together every week.

5. Price my services for value. I ask, “If I were to buy this service, what would I be willing to pay?” And then I work to add even more value so that I not only meet but exceed expectations.

Use these guidelines and your focus will be more on making a difference than on making a killing. The wonderful thing is, you’ll also develop a more loyal following and ultimately make a lot more money.

Cheers, Robert


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