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Did You Thrive The Pandemic?3 Min Read

Did You Thrive the Pandemic?3 min read


I know you survived the pandemic this past year. You wouldn’t be reading this if you hadn’t. But did you thrive?

But now, as we are slowly but surely coming out of the pandemic, I started an inventory of all the ways I thrived during the pandemic and decided to share them with you. (Plus lots of links!)

I (and my wife, Saroj) did all of the following:

Stayed Safe

We sheltered in place, limited outside trips, social distanced, stayed masked at stores, avoided large gatherings, and ultimately got vaccinated. It was not a huge or arduous burden. Tip sheet.

Stayed Informed
We got rid of broadcast TV years ago, but watch online news here and here. No conspiracy theories or excess vitriol. Still, it was a very hard year for news, as we all know.

Voted by Mail

And we were very happy with the outcome. Sanity is returning to our government. I hope. Whew.

Maintained our Sense of Humor

Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyer, Trevor Noah, Bill Maher, and James Corden all served as much-needed court jesters to the past year’s various pandemic and political dumpster fires.

Worked Regular Hours
I showered, shaved, and dressed (no pantless Zoom for me) and showed up in my home office Monday-Friday doing what I’ve always done for 35 years: served clients.

Got Creative
Not really sure why, but I did more creative, fun things in my business than I have in years. Dramatically upgraded my group marketing coaching program. Did a ton of fun webinars including my Going Radically Virtual series. Watch #1 here.

Shared a LOT!

When we were evacuated from Boulder Creek for two weeks in August, I sent a “Fire Update” by email every day for two weeks. The support and encouragement were a life-saver. Thank you!

Exercised Daily
The happiest time of day for both myself and our precious dogs, Meera and Dylan, is our daily walk in the park. It’s great for shaking off the stress of the day and I always return home with a smile.

Cut Out All Processed Foods
A couple of years ago I changed my diet and essentially cut out all processed foods, sugar, bread, pasta, etc. I lost weight and am never hungry or have low energy.

Bonus: I make a “No Sugar, No Flour Chocolate Cake” for breakfast every morning. This must be the world’s best-kept secret. Here’s the recipe.

Had Fun
My wife and I watch one uplifting cable TV show every evening. High points this year were Anne With an “E” and Poldark. We’re now watching Outlander. Believe me, life was tougher 278 years ago!

More Fun
I spent a LOT of time with jazz this year. I researched, bought, listened to, and organized my collection in every free hour I had. There are worse hobbies. ;–)  See my jazz list here.

Came Back to Myself

When things seem too much, when I’m stressed, angry, or otherwise triggered by something I remind myself of the only thing I know for sure:

“I am aware, here, now, alive, and OK.”

This return to “aware presence” is a life-saver in more ways than one and it can be done at any time in just a few seconds. This book helped.

I hoped you thrived this past year as well. And remember, it’s not too late. Thriving happens NOW, not sometime in the future.

Please share with me how you thrived this year!

Cheers, Robert


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