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Decoding The Marketing Puzzle3 Min Read

Decoding the Marketing Puzzle3 min read


Everyone has done a jigsaw puzzle. And you know it takes a lot of time to put all the pieces together. It can take hours and hours.

But what if each piece was numbered on the back and the numbers went from left to right, top to bottom. So, #1 would be the top left corner, #2 would be to the right of that, etc. etc.

Instead of looking at the images, you’d turn over all the pieces and look for the numbers. It would obviously go a whole lot faster.

But doing a jigsaw puzzle like this wouldn’t be a lot of fun, would it? No real challenge.

Marketing your professional services is a lot like a jigsaw puzzle. You have to put all the pieces together to successfully attract the clients you want to your business.

But if you had a system that made it easier, you wouldn’t object, would you? No, because you want the process to be easier and faster. This isn’t a game you’re playing for fun. You just want results.

Well, for many, many years I’ve worked at deciphering the marketing jigsaw puzzle. It took some time to find all the pieces and the system to put them together. Some were obvious. Some were wicked hard. Some stared me in the face, but I missed them.

Below are the five key pieces to the marketing jigsaw puzzle. Yes, this is the exact key I discovered after many years of searching.

1. Be clear on exactly who your Ideal Clients are and also clear on the Ultimate Outcome that you help your clients achieve. And learn to articulate both with the utmost clarity.

2. Develop and sell a High-End, Outcome-Based (HEOB) Program or Service that delivers consistently. Instead of selling a by-the-day or by-the-hour service you’ll sell a solution that delivers a powerful outcome.

3. Apply simple strategies to Meet with Your Ideal Clients who will be open to exploring with you how you can help them. It starts with the right emails to the right people.

4. Develop a Powerful Slide Presentation that you can present to either individual prospects or to a group of prospects. A Presentation answers all the questions a prospect has about how you can help them. It turns an interested prospect into a prospect committed to working with you.

5. Learn how to make an Irresistible Offer and close the sale. Make it easy for clients to do business with you. It doesn’t need to be a long, drawn-out process that takes months. It can happen very quickly.

These are really the only pieces you have to figure out in order to attract more of your ideal, high-end clients. You really don’t need to learn anything else.

Five Easy Pieces. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

However, all of these five puzzle pieces are puzzles in and of themselves. You need to know how to implement each of them successfully. They are not overly complex, but each has several moving parts. Miss a part and you don’t get the desired result.

Over the years, in this eZine I’ve given detailed instructions on each and every one of these puzzle pieces. But you may not have put them all together for yourself yet. So, you still may be struggling to attract clients.

Stay tuned as I’ll be writing about all of these in the next few months. I’ll give it all away. But it’s up to you to implement.

And then in April, I’ll be starting my next Marketing Action Group Program where I help B2B consultants, coaches, and trainers decode this puzzle for themselves and put it into action.

How does the puzzle look like when you’ve decoded it? A practice full of ideal, high-paying clients, of course. Which is a very pretty picture, indeed.

Cheers, Robert


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