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How To Communicate Like A Human Being3 Min Read

How to Communicate Like a Human Being3 min read



This article is the sixth in an eight-article series on the Seven Laws of Attracting Clients.

My fifth law of attracting clients states that “you must communicate like a human being.”

Since attracting clients is 100% about communication, it really helps if you communicate like a human that prospective clients can actually relate to.

Have you ever noticed that when people are talking about day-to-day things in their life and business, they mostly talk like human beings?

But when it comes to talking to someone about your professional services, you may come across like an alien who doesn’t really know the English language.

First, there’s “jargon-speak”

“We can optimize your SEO and Prioritize your CMS to integrate top-of-mind strategies with authentic imaging and capture market share that’s outside the box!”


“We can get your more visibility in the right market with quality content and help you attract more of your ideal clients.”

Then, there’s “process-speak”

“How our services work is we have a 10-step proprietary methodology that starts with an in-depth assessment and continues with a multi-part analysis that shows all the factors that increase optimal employment selection.”


“We’ll help your company find more of the right employees who are a great fit and who make a lasting contribution to your organization.”

When someone asks you what you do, how do you answer?

It can be almost comedic how some business owners seem to be trying to confuse or annoy people into doing business with them.

Why is this communication problem so common? Why do we often fail to speak in a language that makes sense to the prospect?

We’ve all seen bad communication on websites—where we really have no clue what the company is offering. And we’ve seen it face-to-face when someone is making a convoluted effort to explain their services.

I’ve worked with clients who had struggled for months to come up with a marketing message that communicates powerfully. And they’d failed miserably.

The thing few business owners realize is that it’s a problem of perspective.

It starts with an innocent question:

“What do you do?”

So you answer that question and it only bores or annoys people because it’s all about you, your business and the process of what you do.

Do you see the problem here?

You think that’s what people want to hear: “You’re interested in my business, so I’ll tell you all about it and all the great stuff I do and how I do it.”

How far is that getting you?

If only people more often asked, “What results do your clients get from your services?”

If we heard that question, the answer would almost always be interesting and relevant—because that answer is about them.

What if we heard the first question, yet answered as if we heard the second one:

“What do you do?”

“Oh, I work with companies to hire great people who help their organizations thrive.”

“Hmm, that sounds interesting.”

  or even label-speak (I’m an HR consultant), to results-speak.

The gap from “this is what I do,” to “this is what my clients get,” is as wide as the Grand Canyon. But it’s also very subtle; most people miss this distinction entirely.

When you shift perspective from your own to that of the other, a transformation in your communication can happen instantaneously.

You used to talk like an alien; now you’re communicating like a human being.

Cheers, Robert

Next week: You must be able to tell a story.


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