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How To Make Change Happen Faster3 Min Read

How to Make Change Happen Faster3 min read


For the past 30 years I’ve had problems with lower back pain. I won’t go into all the gory details here, but suffice to say, it’s been a real distraction in my life to be in pain most of the time.

Sitting (which I do a lot of) makes it worse. I recently got a computer stand that allows me to raise my computer and work at it standing, which definitely helps.

And I’ve done every kind of modality you can imagine – various types of massage, chiropractic, somatic work, acupuncture, etc. All helped a little but not a lot. Ibuprophen has reduced the intensity, but usually not enough.

On May 16, about six weeks ago, I tried something different. 

I sat down with my Unstuck Process to see If there was anything I was believing that was in the way of healing my back. My expectations were not high, but as the pain had increased in intensity over the past few months, I had nothing to lose.

I won’t go through all the steeps of the process (which are essentially a series of 12 questions) but when I got down to the Core Belief that was holding things in place, what I wrote down was:

“I’m helpless” 

Now, I’ve never thought of myself as a helpless person. But it was very clear that regarding my back, that’s how I felt. And when you feel helpless, you act like a victim, you don’t do much to change anything and you just hope something miraculous will happen someday.

This simple realization that I was stuck in this limiting belief was like a wake-up call. Suddenly I didn’t feel helpless anymore. I felt empowered and excited.

So I grabbed my iPad and searched on YouTube for “exercises for lower back pain.” And in about a minute I found a video that showed a complete exercise routine for stretching and strengthening my back.

To make a long story short, I’ve done that 15-minute exercise routine every single morning for six weeks and my pain has reduced by about 90%! Not only that, but I’m feeling stronger, more energetic and certainly not helpless anymore.

When I’m working with clients these days, often the first thing we work on is identifying any stuckness they have about marketing and selling. And that then makes all the subsequent work I do with clients so much easier and effective.

As you probably know, marketing tends to bring up a lot of fears and resistance. The amazing thing is that once you identify the Core Belief underneath all of that, the fears and resistance just dissolve without effort. And most often you’ll feel a surge of energy and aliveness you haven’t experienced in years.

But it’s also important that you take action immediately. Now that you don’t feel stuck anymore, it’s essential that you do some work on the thing you’ve been resisting. Almost always you’ll experience a freedom and lightness about that area, where before you only experienced resistance.

This is what happened to me with my helpless belief related to my back pain. And it’s also worked wonders for many other areas in my life and business where I simply don’t get stuck anymore. Resistance has been replaced by ease.

There are many areas of marketing you can work on, but I believe nothing is more important or more powerful than first learning how to get unstuck and past your resistance.

If you don’t yet have my book, The Unstuck Process, you can get the free ebook here: or you can just download the worksheet if you like:

Oh yeah, and if you happen to have back problems, you might want to try the exercise routine I found:

Finally, if you are a successful Independent Professional, but for whatever reason, are stuck in your marketing, I can help you get unstuck and into action and help you take your business to a whole new level of success. Details here:

Cheers, Robert

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