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How Aware Presence Can Transform Your Life3 Min Read

How Aware Presence Can Transform Your Life3 min read


Article #4 of the 12 P’s Series. Read #3 on Picturing  What You Want.

Living in the moment, at its essence, could be expressed as “Aware Presence, Here, and Now.” 

In my opinion, it’s the most important trait to develop for Success and Fulfillment. But it’s also the most subtle and elusive of traits. Even calling it a trait is inaccurate.

It doesn’t take a lot of self-awareness to realize that we rarely live in the present moment; we are, instead, mostly engaged in thoughts and stories of the past and future.

That’s where we live most of our lives. And that’s normal. We couldn’t live in the world without reference to the past and the future.

But real life, real experience, and real aliveness is always in the NOW. It can never be in the past or future.

If we rarely live in the now, we actually miss the heart of life, don’t we?

Living in the past is entertaining a story of what should have been.

Living in the future is entertaining a story of what could be.

Another way of looking at it is that we are almost always arguing about the way things actually are.

“If only, I wish, I shouldn’t have, this sucks, they are wrong, I’m not good enough” – all stories that argue with what is.

Aware Presence is simply being reconciled with the fact that whatever is happening is exactly what is happening.

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Look, a lot of people have written very profound books about this. I’ve read a lot of them. Here’s my favorite.

All I will say is that when you argue with reality – with what is – you struggle and suffer to some degree or other.

So, if you want success and fulfillment, it seems that nurturing Aware Presence might be very beneficial.

The simple recognition that our most essential characteristic as human beings is Aware Presence, Here, and Now is not a small thing.

You have thoughts and experiences.

You have work and things you do.

You have a body, a mind, and emotions.

You have knowledge and skills.

You have aspirations as well as doubts.

What’s common about all of these things?

They all come and go. None of them are permanent or fixed.

However, there’s one thing that has always been here since the day you were born:

Aware Presence, Here, and Now.

So, how can you live that?

Well, ultimately it’s very simple, but not so easy.

There are many methods and they’ve been mentioned in books and teachings over the centuries.

Here is one way. And I’m not saying it’s THE ONLY WAY!

Remember, in the moment, that you are Aware Presence. Or, in other words, simply be Aware, Here, and Now.

You’re not trying to get anywhere, or do anything, or change yourself.

Aware Presence is award enough in itself.  

This takes no time or effort in the usual sense, but as you keep coming back to simple aware-presence-in-the-moment it becomes more natural, as well as enormously rewarding.

“I am Aware Presence, Here, and Now.” It’s not an affirmation, but a simple recognition of what is true in the moment (and every moment).

This is not about achieving a special state or accomplishing a goal.

All I know for sure is that when I am Aware Presence, Here, and Now, not arguing with what is, but simply embracing the moment, all is right with the world.

Less arguing, more flowing.

Less struggle, more ease.

Less regret, more appreciation.

Less blame, more forgiveness.

Less worry, more enthusiasm.

Less doubt, more clarity.

Give it a shot. What do you have to lose?

Over the next four weeks, I’ll be writing about the four essential “action traits” that can have a huge impact on your success and fulfillment: Preparation, Planning, Practice, and Performance.

All of these are valuable, however, they are all more effective in the context of Aware Presence, Here, and Now.

Cheers, Robert

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