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A Client Attraction Thought Experiment1 Min Read

A Client Attraction Thought Experiment1 min read


Imagine this: You are parachuted into a city where you’re a stranger.

And you have one mission: Find some clients to work with.

You have a few tools: A phone, a laptop, email, the Internet, your marketing message, and even a website.

And you have some limitations: You can only find clients locally.

You have enough money to survive for one month. So you need to find some clients right away.

What would you do?

Some people would curl up into a ball and cry.

Some would fall to their knees and start to pray.

Others would start knocking on doors from early morning to late at night.

Still others would hole up in a coffee shop and spend time on social media.

But you only have so much time and energy and you want to use it wisely.

Again, what would YOU do? 

Do I have an answer for you?

Well, no I don’t. You have to figure this out for yourself.

Like the title says, it’s a marketing thought experiment.

Send me an email and let me know what you’d do. What exactly would your plan be?

ArticlesI’ll publish the best response and also send the winner a copy of the book, How to Get a Meeting with Anyone by Stu Heinecke.

Cheers, Robert

P.S. Your plan might be something ultra creative that you’ve never done before but think would work or it could be something close to what you’ve actually done.

But make it fun and inspiring, OK?


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