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5 Great Marketing Ideas3 Min Read

5 Great Marketing Ideas3 min read


Every week for 25 years I’ve written this newsletter, The Fearless Marketer (used to be More Clients).

I write about 50 articles a Year. But in the past few months, I’ve written what I think are some of my most practical, hands-on articles.

Look, ultimately, marketing is about clearly and persuasively communicating about the value of your professional services. If your communication is unclear, or worse, not persuasive, prospective clients will not notice you, engage with you, or buy from you.

So now, near the end of the year, I’m on vacation and wanted to direct you to five recent articles that give you a blueprint for effective communication as well as what I think is the most effective and sustainable way to integrate marketing into your business.

The first four articles contain potent marketing exercises (the same ones I use with my clients) that have the potential to transform the way you communicate about your business. Don’t just read them. Do them!!

1. Refining Your Marketing Message

What do you say when people ask you what you do? It seems so simple, but it’s very tricky. In this article, I give you my formula for a powerful verbal marketing message and also how to test its effectiveness.

2. How to Write About Your Services

If verbally communicating about what you do is challenging, writing about your services can often seem impossible. The key? Write about your services by answering the ten most common questions prospective clients have about what you do and how you can help them.

3. Color-Coded Persuasion

We’ve all heard about features and benefits. But when communicating about our services it’s easy to talk all about our processes (features) and not about our outcomes (benefits). The key is talking about both with “feature-benefit pairs.” In this article, I give you a simple guide for writing these pairs that will make your marketing communication crystal clear.

4. The Amazing Process-Purpose-Outcome Document

This article takes the feature-benefit pairs to next level. It starts by listing every process (feature) you offer your clients, then articulating the purposes of those processes and the outcomes your clients get from those processes. You’ll emerge with a powerful one or two-page document that gives a very clear overview of exactly what you do and what it means to your clients.

5. The Way of Marketing Moderation

Finally, this article shares my approach to marketing my services over the past several years. It took me a while to get to this, but I was so tired of the usual hype and over-the-top marketing nonsense that most people can’t really stomach. I discovered that marketing can be easy, effective, fun, and profitable. I hope these ideas will inspire you to find your own path of marketing moderation.

I hope you’ll read all of these articles, take them to heart, and implement the ideas they contain in the New Year.

Have a Wonderful Christmas and Holiday Season!!

Cheers, Robert


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