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13 Things A Prospect Must Know About Your Service Before They Buy4 Min Read

13 Things a Prospect Must Know About Your Service Before They Buy4 min read


Let’s say you have a professional service that is very powerful; it really delivers the results your clients are looking for.

And you have a prospective client who desperately needs those results but they can’t seem to get those results on their own.

That’s a perfect marketing and selling opportunity, right?

Yes, but before your prospect buys your professional service, they have questions they need to have answered. If you can answer all of their questions completely and satisfactorily, then the chances that they will buy your services increase dramatically.

The challenge is that although they have these questions, they rarely actually ask them!

So, two things: What are those questions and how do you answer them as quickly and as effectively as possible to speed up the sale of your professional service?

The 13 questions your prospects want answered:

1. Is your service for people/businesses like mine?
Your service can‘t be for anybody or everybody. It needs to be suited for a particular kind of client with certain needs, problems, and motivations.

2. Why do I need it?
Why should they be interested in the first place? In other words, what is the ultimate outcome that this service or program will deliver for clients and/or their businesses?

3. What problems does it address?
What are all the issues, challenges, and problems that this service and solution will help them solve? It may be just one; it may be many.

4. What results will I get?
This is the mirror image of their issues, problems, and challenges. What are the actual results and outcomes I can expect to see if I buy and implement this solution?

5. How does it work?
At its heart, every professional service works in a certain way to deliver the results your clients are looking for. What exactly is that for your service or program?

6. What are your underlying methodologies?
Every service or program utilizes various methodologies or approaches to get the desired results. What are they?

7. What is it not – or how is it different from similar solutions?
You’re not the only person or firm offering a similar solution. So what makes your approach better, different, or superior in a way that is meaningful to your prospective client?

8. How is it structured?
That is, when your client buys your service, what actually happens? Who does what, when do they do it, what is involved, and how much time does it take?

9. Does it really work? What’s the proof?
It’s easy to say that your service or program delivers superior results. But can you prove it with examples, data, and case studies?

10. Who else has used it?
Who in their industry has used your solution? What results did they get? How fast did they get the results? How happy were they working with you?

11. What is the guarantee?
Do you guarantee that the client will get results if they buy your service or program? And how will you structure the guarantee if they don’t get the results you promised?

12. What does it cost?
What will your client need to invest in your service or program? And how can you position your price for value so that you are paid well for what you do, yet the client feels that it’s a good deal? How will you present your price?

13. What are the first steps – how do I start?
You want to make it as easy and as possible to get started with you. How do you remove the friction that could delay getting started as soon as possible?

And this is the best way to answer all those questions:

When you have a prospect who you think you can help and they are interested in getting help, you answer these questions by giving them a Presentation that answers them all, one by one.

A presentation? Yes, a slide presentation you develop in PowerPoint. No kidding. This is what works to answer a prospect’s questions better than anything else. And believe me, I’ve tried everything!

By the end of the presentation, they will have concise answers to every single question about how your service can help them, how it works, and everything else about it.

When you use a presentation in this way, you speed up the selling process dramatically because the prospect has all their questions answered and has no reason to delay. They can decide yes or no quickly and easily.

Isn’t it time you figured out how to put together a presentation like this? Yes, it is!

Cheers, Robert

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