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The More Clients Club Membership

All my marketing programs, recordings, and books in one place
– for practically nothing –

You read my marketing articles because you like my ideas. Hopefully, they get you thinking about marketing your business with more intention, and with some enthusiasm, and perhaps some of these ideas have worked for you.

But you’d like more in-depth how-tos to help you take action, right? 

So, a few years back, in 2009, I asked myself, “What if I took all the marketing programs I’d ever developed and put them all in one place online and charged a monthly fee for accessing them, would anyone sign up?”

So, I said, “What the heck, why not give it a try.”

I called it the More Clients Club and charged $29 per month and it was a grand success. I’ve had thousands of subscribers join over the years. And since its inception, I’ve added a ton of materials and literally hundreds of hours of audio tutorials.

Now, about ten years later, I asked myself, “What if I cut the monthly fee of the club to less than 1/3 of the original fee and reorganized everything, added new materials every month, and even answered questions by video, then what would happen?” The mind reels.

Well, we shall see what happens, because that’s exactly what I’ve done.

And I get to do more of what I like – which is to help you by coming up with really useful hands-on materials and strategies for attracting more clients. So we all stay happy and have more fun. Sound like a plan?

And for the princely sum of $9 per month ($24 quarterly) you can now join the More Clients Club and get everything outlined below. It’s quite a value for what you get. I hope you agree!

“I bought several of your programs through the years and joined your More Client Club in February 2011, putting in many hours of study and application. What are the results? My Built for Results Program and my marketing work. My income doubled two years ago, and again the year after, and at the start of this year my target for this year is another doubling. “

       Albert van Niekerk

This is what’s included in the Club Membership:

Eleven In-Depth Marketing Tutorials: All these programs contain both written and recorded materials with step-by-step how-tos, exercises, and action plans you can follow.

1. The Fast Track to More Clients Program – Nine marketing modules to build your marketing foundation. This is the centerpiece and starting point for the Club with step-by-step tutorials on developing every aspect of your marketing. What to do and how to do it.

2. The Website Toolkit – A step-by-step tutorial on writing all the pages of your website, with samples to emulate. Includes text and audio and also resources for website development.

3. Closing the Big Sale Program – A five-session course on the complete sales process, from targeting your ideal clients to closing the deal.

4. The Getting Your Marketing Unstuck Program – A four-session audio program on getting unstuck and back on track. If you never get stuck, you can skip this program. Includes worksheets a pdf copy of my book, The Unstuck Process.

5. The Direct Outreach Email Course – This was developed out a one-year live course with a focus on reaching out to prospects with personalized emails. It covers in detail how to write emails that get attention, interest, and response.

6. – 11. The Next Level Marketing Programs (each focused program includes three 90-minute sessions) plus materials. 

6. Getting More Done in Less Time 7. Developing a Magnetic Marketing Message 8.  Build Credibility with a Core Issue Article 8. Develop and Design a Home Page that gets Action 10. Develop a Marketing Action Plan that gets Implemented
11. Reaching Out and Following Up With New Prospects

Expert Interviews with Top Marketing Experts – I interviewed more than 60 marketing experts and asked tough questions about exactly how to implement their marketing ideas. Then I had all the interviews transcribed. So you can both read and listen to these information-packed interviews.

Coaching Call Recordings – I did Coaching Calls for 6 years with Club members and recorded them all. Many cover specific how-to marketing topics and all include question and answer sessions. A total of 115 calls. Yeah, I know, enough to keep you in action for years.

Marketing Action Plans – How to create step-by-step marketing action plans for five key areas of professionals service business marketing: Networking, Presentations, Publishing, Social Media, and Direct Outreach. Really useful when you’re ready to take action and want to know exactly how to make these strategies work. Includes step-by-step action plans.

Marketing Books – Pdf copies of my three marketing books with a ton of practical, hands-on ideas for marketing and succeeding as an independent professional.

• The InfoGuru Marketing Manual (an online bestseller) • Marketing Ball – Lessons on Attracting More Clients from the Marketing Coach • The Unstuck Process – 12 Powerful Questions that Create Breakthrough results

• Plus a ton of other useful Marketing Resources that I keep adding to: 

Marketing Articles – More in-depth articles than my blog articles – on special topics.

Marketing Samples – Samples of Executive Summaries, Case Studies, Proposals, etc.

Marketing Booklist – With reviews on the most important books for self-employed professionals

Marketing Tools and Services – List and links to other valuable marketing tools and services

Ask Robert Marketing Questions – Ask me questions by email and once a month (or more) I’ll answer them via video. This is an easier format than showing up for a teleconference or video conference.

So, if you’ve found my ezine/blog articles valuable, you’ll find this material even more useful. There’s about $6,000 worth of courses and programs – enough to keep you learning for several years. The idea is to provide answers and insights for virtually every marketing question or issue you may have – with detailed, hands-on and how-to guidance.

But it’s really all about building your marketing skills and the plans to implement those skills one step at a time until you’re consistently attracting more of your ideal clients.

When you become a member you can consume this material on your timetable. You may join for a few months or several years. And you can leave anytime you want. And each month I’ll add fresh content such as in-depth articles for members only, links to special resources, a new interview every once in a while and a new Ask Robert video once or twice a month.

Is the More Clients Club for You?

The Club was designed for busy, self-employed professionals who need solid, actionable ideas for attracting more clients. Whether you’re pretty new in business or have been at it for decades, there’s value for all of you. Its ideas have been used and tested by thousands of people much like you.

So, check it out. If it’s not for you, no problem, let me know and I’ll stop your monthly membership.

To join, just follow the instructions below. See you on the other side.

“Even though I was an experienced business professional of over 30 years, and ran companies that had million dollar advertising and marketing budgets I had no idea how to market just me! The More Clients Club which I joined just nine months ago, with all of its wonderful features and benefits fixed all that. 

“I started this year off using the tools and processes outlined in the Club and have landed three significant consulting engagements in the first two months equaling the entire total from last year.” 

– Wayne Breitbart

Join the Club Today

The Monthly Membership fee for everything in the Club is $9 (n-i-n-e dollars). Quarterly it’s $24 and Annually it’s $84.

Membership policy: You can join for as long as you like and leave when you want. Period.

After your first month, you will be automatically charged $9 per month unless you ask us to stop your membership.

Here’s what to do: Click on the link below and you’ll be taken to a sign-up page.


Click here to join  – $9/mo

Just choose the length of your membership and select your
Credit Card or PayPal as your payment method.


Once you’re in, check out the home page and poke around the different sections of the Club and see what’s changed. 

I wish you all the best with your marketing.


Robert Middleton

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