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Free E-book: Why Your Marketing Sucks and 8 Strategies to Make it Awesome

Sorry if this seems crude, but your marketing sucks.  It’s not getting you the results you want and you’re not doing the right things to attract new clients on a consistent basis. You know this has to change. And the sooner the better.

In this nifty little e-book (that comes from 34 years of marketing for independent professionals), I outline the 8 key strategies you can learn and apply right away to successfully promote your professional services. Nothing weird or strange, hypey, or over-the-top. Just practical step-by-step tips that will help you attract more of your ideal clients.

You’ll also receive my Weekly More Clients ezine (since 1997) with tips on better marketing, plus occasional announcements about new programs. I won’t bombard you with junk and you can opt-out anytime with one liddle click.

To get your e-book and articles, just enter your name and email in the form above. 

Wait, not sure yet? Sheesh, some people need more convincing, Don’t they?

Here’s an overview of what’s included in the aforesaid e-book:

1. Your Marketing Message Sucks. That is, you don’t have a marketing message that generates attention and interest in your services. Solution: Start talking about what your clients get, not the process of what you do.

2. Your Visibility Sucks. Prospects don’t do business with invisible people. Solution: You need to get your name, your message, your information, and your body out there until you are noticed, liked, and trusted.

3. Your Website Sucks. Prospects visit your website and are confused and/or bored. Then they disappear, never to return: Solution: You need a content-rich site with tremendous clarity and value with an attention-getting design.

4. Your Marketing Plan Sucks. You wander around aimlessly trying random marketing activities with inconsistent results. Solution: Create a written, step-by-step plan that’s as precise as planning the first manned mission to Mars.

5. Your Self-Knowledge Sucks. You struggle so much with marketing because you don’t know your type and the marketing activities that fit your type. Solution: Discover the traits of your type and turn marketing into play.

6. Your Systems Suck. Your marketing doesn’t get done because you rely on inspiration and motivation. Solution: Instead, develop simple, easy-to-implement habits and systems that you’ll actually do without agonizing.

7. Your Mindset Sucks. No creativity, bad attitude, and fear of rejection? You need a mindset reset. Solution: Feed your head daily with thought-provoking ideas that jumpstart your inborn creativity and resourcefulness.

8. Your Support Sucks. You’re going it alone and think you should be able to do it all by your lonesome. You’re dreaming! Solution: Commit to finding support and accountability systems that keep you sharp, excited and on track.

If you’re honest enough to admit that the above are real challenges for you, you’re ready for this e-book, and to take the first steps to becoming an awesome marketer.

OK, now get that report, already!

And, no, I’m not evil or deranged. I even have an impossible to read privacy policy as required by law. Short version: I don’t sell or rent my email list, won’t send you junk, and you can opt-out at any time with one click. Happy now?

Cheers, Robert M.

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