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 About Action Plan Marketing

The clients I work with and how I can help you attract more clients

A little about you…

You know you’re somebody unique. You might call yourself an “I.P.C.” (Independent, Professional, Creative).

You’re a consultant, coach, trainer, writer, designer, speaker or another kind of I.P.C.

You love what you do, making a difference to your clients, and coming up with solutions following your own unique style.

If that’s the case, you’re in the right place.

However what you don’t love is the whole, messy, confusing process of marketing your services. You have an ongoing need to attract new clients, but you’re just not great at it.

Maybe you’re pretty new in business or perhaps you’ve been at it for some time, but just waiting for the phone to ring is getting old fast.

You’ve probably thought…

• What’s the best way to attract more new clients?

• What marketing activities should I put my time and energy into?

• Why is it such a struggle to get out there?

• How do I market myself effectively and still maintain my integrity (and dignity)?

• And can I market my professional services without spending a fortune?

But one thing is for sure… you want to do great things and make a real impact.

You’re ready for more, better, and bigger clients.

And if only you knew what to do to get there, you’d go into action immediately, wouldn’t you?

Look, to be successful in any business, you need to invest the time, energy and a little money to go to your next level, whatever that is.

You need to want it bad and be committed to getting there. If that’s the case, I can definitely help.

My Ideal Clients (who I love to work with)

I’ve worked with a whole lot of different clients over the years. However, all are independent professionals of one stripe or another.

My ideal clients are established in their business but want to take their contribution and income to the next level. Many of them have relied mostly on word-of-mouth, but that isn’t enough anymore.

Many of them are consultants, coaches, or trainers (or a combination of the three) who decided to go out on their own after a  20 or 30-year career in business.

Most of them experience some degree of struggle with marketing themselves. They may be living in their comfort zones and hold back from sharing their true genius with the world.

In all cases, I start working with them where they are now and provide the expertise and support to get them on track as quickly as possible.

I focus on finding the best ways to get my clients communicating clearly about what they do and how to get in front of their audience, make connections, set up appointments, and land new clients.

Together we develop marketing messages and materials, improve websites, craft presentations, get you out there speaking, or whatever will work best for you, based on your experience and readiness.

Very soon I’ll be offering a new small group coaching program where you’ll get both individual support from both myself and peer group members.

Note, that although I now market myself mostly online through my email newsletter, blog, and promotions through my e-list, I don’t do a lot of Internet marketing consulting and coaching. Why? Because few people have grown a big enough email list to market themselves effectively that way.

Most are not selling a mass product or program, but professionals services to individuals and organizations.

However, if you do have a list and really want to leverage it, I can help you do some pretty powerful stuff, such as developing new programs and launching them successfully. Recently did this with a client who generated $100K on her first big launch!

A little about me…

Many long years ago, I wasn’t a very good marketer of my services. I had no clue how to attract more clients.

But I knew someone, somewhere, must have the answer. And I was committed.

I took a career workshop in 1983 and discovered I was unemployable. I had the I.P.C. disease as well. So I had to start my own business.

Now, some 33 years later I’ve not only mastered the art of attracting clients, I’ve helped thousands of others do it as well.

How did I get from there to here?

I started my business in 1984. You know, the stone age, at the dawn of personal computers. I did have a typewriter and then a Mac Plus in 1986 (upgraded several times since).

My search led me to read more than 300 business and marketing books, plus attend lots of workshops, seminars, and online classes to figure it all out. I’ve learned from the best and keep on learning.

A few years later I was helping my clients to market themselves, designing business cards and brochures on my Mac Plus.

And things just evolved from there. 

I started designing websites,  working with higher-end clients, and leading workshops.

In 1999 I wrote the InfoGuru Marketing Manual which became an online bestseller and grew my e-list to 50,000 in a few short years.

Next, came online courses and virtual group programs called the Marketing Action Groups.

And here I am today, half a lifetime later still helping my clients be better marketers of their professional services.

What does all this mean to you?

Well, it means there’s hope for you!

I wasn’t much of a natural at this but learned what worked to attract as many clients as I’ll ever need.

And you don’t need to be a natural marketer either.

You just need to learn some important things, work hard, get some support, and be persistent.

I’ve discovered that anyone with a commitment to make a difference as an I.P.C. can become successful at marketing their professional services.

And be ready for real results – new and better clients that you love to work with.

How I work with my clients is all laid out in great detail on my Programs page.

Don’t miss Stories from some clients who got substantial results with my approach.

And, if you’re a little weird, don’t miss my Jazz page!

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Thanks for visiting, and I look forward to working with you one way or the other in the near future.


Robert Middleton

P.S. Make sure to watch the 86 second video at the top explaining my approach to marketing. Hope you like it.

That’s me below, with Meera, in my home office in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Life is good. And fun.

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