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You’re an Independent Professional. You need more clients. Where do you start?

Once upon a time….

…there was a self employed professional (you) who needed to attract more clients. 

You discovered this page and realized you were not alone. Here’s your story.

You’re an independent professional such as a management consultant, business coach, corporate trainer, or other self-employed business professional. You love what you do and make a real difference to your clients.

You need to attract more of these clients but you don’t know what to do or where to start.

You know there are countless fish in the sea, but you don’t know where to find them or how to use a net.  You’re smart, professional, experienced, and capable, but when it comes to attracting new clients, you feel lost at sea, alone and drifting who-knows-where.


Hi, I’m Robert Middleton

…and I’m passionate and kinda crazy about marketing for people like you.  I’ve been helping self-employed people be better marketers since 1984. And this website is dedicated to helping you succeed in attracting great clients and growing your professional service businesses.

You’ll find a ton of articles on my blog about how to attract more of your ideal clients – from every angle you can imagine (and a few you can’t – Marketing Lessons from Sasquatches?). And they’re all taken from my 30+ years of marketing success in both my and my clients’ businesses. Please start exploring my site

What you’ll find here are authentic, real-world, hands-on ideas, approaches, and strategies for attracting more clients. And they’re all geared towards self-employed professionals like you. Marketing with integrity and ingenuity. Things you can use – tools you can apply – hacks that work. No hype or B.S.


Ultimately, everyone needs to find their own marketing path. There is no one-size-fits-all marketing approach and no marketing silver bullets. But there’s a ton of stuff that does work a whole lot better than what you’re doing (or not doing) now.

And there’s also a whole truckload of free stuff on the site to help you grow your marketing genius. Starting with this:

Get my free marketing e-book

free e-bookThis is where to start: If your marketing is not as great as you’d like, even if it sucks a little, I’d like to give you a free e-book called “8 Proven Strategies for Jumpstarting Your Marketing Genius.” Get your free e-book today by clicking on the button below and you’ll have it in seconds.

And when you opt-in, you’ll also get my world famous weekly email newsletter, More Clients (since 1997), with ideas, information, and inspiration for growing your professional service business. No spam, no junk, just value. And you can opt-out anytime with just one click. So…


Cheers, Robert Middleton

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